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Enroll in the LIFE Program

To enroll or for more information, please call (716) 819-5433.

Catholic Health Locations

OLV Senior Neighborhood
55 Melroy Avenue
Lackawanna, NY 14218

Catholic Health - LIFE

Catholic Health - LIFE is a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, sometimes known as a PACE program.

This is a long-term care program for older adults who wish to live at home but qualify for nursing home care. These individuals need assistance in order to maintain their health, complete day-to-day activities and remain safe for as long as possible.

As part of the program, all medical care is provided or coordinated by our LIFE team.

Primary care services are provided by the physician at our LIFE health center. Other medical services may also be provided at the LIFE center, at the participant's home or at an off-site location. 

Transportation to and from medical appointments is included.

In addition to medical care, LIFE offers a day center, where participants may engage in recreational and social activities and receive personal care and supervision during the day. 

Watch the ten-minute video below for an overview of the LIFE program.

LIFE Center

Participants access many of our services at the LIFE Center in Lackawanna, located on the campus of the OLV Senior Neighborhood. How often participants visit the center and for how long depends on their personal circumstances and medical needs. Visits typically range from one to five days per week.

The LIFE Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Services at the LIFE Center include:

  • Physician services, by physicians who specialize in care for the elderly
  • Nursing
  • Rehabilitation therapies (physical, occupational and speech therapies)
  • Social work services that may include (but are not limited to) re-certification for Medicaid or food stamps, counseling for both participants and caregivers, and assistance with living wills and establishing a healthcare proxy
  • Spiritual care
  • Nutritional services
  • Personal care such as showering or bathing  
  • Recreational and educational activities scheduled throughout the day, in addition to independent activities, such as reading, watching TV or playing cards
  • Round trip transportation to and from the center 

LIFE Network

The LIFE network includes Western New York specialists who provide care to our members at their office locations. They offer: 

Outpatient Medical Services

  • Medical specialty services, such as cardiology and ophthalmology
  • Dental care
  • Mental health services
  • Eye care, including exams and glasses
  • Foot care
  • Hearing exams and hearing aids
  • Alcohol and substance abuse services
  • Diagnostic tests and lab services

Transportation to and from appointments is provided. Seniors who are scheduled to visit the center on the day of their appointment depart from the LIFE Center. Others are transported directly from their homes. Aides may accompany participants to their appointments if necessary.

Hospital Inpatient & Emergency Services

Home Health Care

  • Nursing, rehabilitation therapies, social work and home health aide and personal care services
  • Durable medical equipment and all needed supplies

Nursing Home Services

  • Short-term rehabilitation
  • Respite
  • Long-term care, if needed

Prescription Drugs (delivered to participants' homes via courier)

Care Providers

Primary care services are provided by the physician at our LIFE health center. If care is needed in a hospital or from a specialist, participants are required to use a physician or hospital in the Catholic Health - LIFE provider network.

If applicants are currently receiving care from someone who is not in our network of providers, we will coordinate any changes so that they continue to receive the care they need with our network providers when they join the program.

To obtain a list of our Provider Network, or to find out if a provider is in the network, call us at (716) 819-LIFE (5433). 

My Mom started at LIFE yesterday.

I felt like I was sending my first born off to her first day of school!

She was very nervous, but Pete, the van driver, was so nice: greeting her for the first time by her name and telling her what a great day she was in store for, all with a big smile. He truly set the tone for the day!

And, of course, I had to call and check on her. Karen called me right back. Mom was having coffee and cookies and doing great. Everyone is so nice there!

My family and I so are thankful for this program. It truly is a blessing to our community!

– Debbie McGowan

Never in all my life have I been more impressed with a group of people as I am now.

It is an honor to be a part of your group.

– Ben Cosmano


An individual may be eligible to join Catholic Health - LIFE if he or she is:

  • 55 years or older
  • a recipient of Medicare and/or Medicaid or willing to pay privately
  • eligible for nursing home care at the time of enrollment, but chooses to remain at home with assistance. Participants must be expected to need long-term care services from Catholic Health - LIFE for at least 120 days. 
  • residing in the Catholic Health - LIFE service area (Erie County)
  • able to live safely in the community at the time of enrollment with the services provided by Catholic Health - LIFE

Health Coverage and Costs

Catholic Health - LIFE covers all services that are paid for by Medicare or Medicaid, plus others that are medically necessary. Participants will receive a membership card and a sticker for their Medicare card, which tells other providers that they have chosen to join the program.

Membership Costs

Catholic Health - LIFE pays for all authorized services for individuals eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.* Individuals who do not have Medicaid or who are completely private pay will be charged a monthly premium to participate in Catholic Health - LIFE.

We will be happy to explain costs, if there are any, when we meet with the applicant.

*Please note that you may be liable for cost of services not authorized by Catholic Health - LIFE.

How to Enroll

Membership in Catholic Health - LIFE is voluntary. You choose to enroll in the program and you may ask to end your membership at any time.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please do the following:

  1. Call us at (716) 819-5433. We will answer any questions that you have about the program.
  2. We will schedule a visit either at your home or at our center. During this visit, you will meet the staff of the program, including the physician who will provide your medical care if you choose to join the program. We will begin to determine your needs, talk to you about how the program works and provide written materials for your reference.
  3. A LIFE nurse will meet with you in your home to determine if you quality for a nursing home level of care.
  4. If you are eligible and choose to enroll, you will sign an enrollment agreement. Your membership usually becomes effective on the first day of the month after the enrollment form is completed.

More Information

To learn more about Catholic Health - LIFE, please call our intake coordinator at (716) 819-LIFE (5433).