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Wound Management

While most wounds heal uneventfully by normal bodily processes, some do not. A problematic wound is typically one that has not healed within 4 weeks.

There are many reasons a person may develop various types of wounds. Some of the most common wounds may be a result of diabetes, pressure ulcers (bedsores), venous insufficiency, peripheral vascular disease (PAD) or ischemic ulcers.


Our services complement the care provided at the Catholic Health Advanced Wound Centers. After an evaluation and assessment of your needs, we can best determine where you should receive treatment.

Wounds occur because of decreased blood flow to particular areas of the body. Treatment and dressings to expedite the healing process may include:

  • Pulsed lavage, a mechanical water therapy used to cleanse wounds
  • E-Stim, a treatment which is applied to the wound in order to stimulate tissue healing
  • Compression wrapping using Profore
  • Ultrasound treatment in which ultrasonic sound waves are used to promote healing
  • Ultraviolet light therapy, in which light is directed at the skin to promote healing
  • Conservative sharp debridement, a minor surgical procedure that removes dead tissue and foreign material from and around the wound

Our physical therapists have advanced education to ensure high-quality, effective management of wounds. The therapists continually re-evaluate the wound to determine if the current treatment is appropriate and alter treatment and dressings to expedite wound healing.

Patient education is an important part of wound healing, and the therapist provides the patient with information regarding control of volume, footwear to relieve pressure with diabetic foot wounds, dressing management, and signs of infection.

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