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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy (ST) is designed to help people with conditions that affect their speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice, swallowing, fluency and other related disorders.


Dysphagia impairs swallowing and may interfere with nutrition, the enjoyment of food, and breathing. Aspiration is when food and/or liquid enter the airway instead of the esophagus. Aspiration may lead to pneumonia or serious chronic lung disease if a swallowing dysfunction is not addressed.


  • Coughing during or right after eating or drinking
  • Wet or gurgling sound of voice after eating or drinking
  • Extra effort or time needed to chew or swallow
  • Drooling or food getting stuck in the mouth
  • Recurring pneumonias
  • Weight loss from poor nutrition, dehydration

Treatment Programs

Our treatment programs target:

  • Strengthening the muscles involved in swallowing
  • Specifying food or liquid modifications
  • Teaching compensatory postures, behaviors and oral movements.

All Catholic Health Speech-Language Pathologists are certified in the use of VitalStim® for the treatment of dysphagia.

More Information

Please call (716) 677-5022 for more information on this treatment option.


Dysarthria is a speech disorder characterized by weakness, slow movement, and a lack of coordination of the muscles associated with speech. Dysarthria can result from neurological conditions, surgery, infections or head injuries. Dysarthria and dysphagia may co-occur.


  • Difficulty with articulation, quality of sound, rhythm, melody or process of speech

Treatment Programs

Our treatment programs target:

  • Strenghtening muscle involved in swallowing and speech
  • Improving tongue movement to facilitate better sound
  • Teaching compensatory techniques and / or alternative or augmentative systems


Aphasia is a disorder that impairs a person's ability to understand, formulate and use language. It is most commonly the result of a neurological condition such as a stroke or severe head injury.


  • Difficulties with reading, writing, problem solving, orientation or attention
  • Limited auditory comprehension
  • Diminished verbal expression
  • Need for alternative / augmented communication

Treatment Programs

Our treatment programs target:

  • Improving social communication skills
  • Improving and understanding use of vocabulary and grammar
  • Increasing understanding / answering of simple and complex directions
  • Promoting high-level problem solving and functional tasks

Outpatient Speech Therapy

Our therapists treat patients at the following rehab centers:

Subacute Speech Therapy

Subacute care is primarily for patients who have recently been hospitalized and need a transitional care setting between their hospital stay and their return to home.

Other Treatment Facilities

Speech therapy is also provided at:

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