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Golf Assessment


Did you know that the golf swing is performed in under two seconds? Our clinicians are able to break this process down into four basic components – setup, back-swing, impact and finish – that are assessed and areas are targeted for improvement.

How We Can Improve Your Game

This performance enhancement program is designed to:

  • Identify areas of muscle and joint restriction
  • Assess swing mechanics
  • Provide core strengthening
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase endurance
  • Provide balance training

The whole body is evaluated for total golf swing mechanics which includes correct swing style and proper rotation. An individualized treatment and prevention program is then developed for each client.

Whether healthy or injured, sports enthusiasts who want to improve their overall performance will benefit from our therapists' biomechanical perspective of the body.

Prevention is key to overall fitness. Fitness has always been an integral component of successful golfers on the pro tours. Proper strength, balance, flexibility and endurance will allow you to perform better as a golfer. And if injured, those who seek early treatment for their injuries are more likely to fully recover.

Our Staff

The Partners In Rehab and AthletiCare staff includes physical therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers who have graduated from accredited educational programs and are licensed by the State of New York. In addition, they have pursued specialty training which benefits sports enthusiasts. Our staff has built their careers on understanding the complexities of body mechanics.


For information about program fees, please contact Joe Baumgarden at (716) 447-6037 or by email at baumgar@chsbuffalo.org.

Please note that this program is not covered by insurance. Costs are out-of-pocket.

Golf Training Locations

This program is available at Catholic Health's three AthletiCare facilities:

Enrolling in the Program

To enroll in the Golf Injury Treatment & Prevention program or to request more information, please contact Joe Baumgarden at (716) 447-6037 or by email at baumgar@chsbuffalo.org.

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