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The Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery, please arrive at the hospital at your designated time. There may be additional forms and testing to be completed prior to being taken to surgery.

Before Your Arrival at the Hospital

Personal Hygiene

Shower the morning of surgery and put on clean clothes. Brush your teeth. Wear comfortable clothes, sneakers or shoes with rubber soles.

Do not wear makeup, hair or skin products or contact lenses.


You should not take any medications unless instructed otherwise. If you have been instructed to take medications on the morning of surgery, follow pre-admission directions. 

When you arrive at the hospital, inform the nurse of any changes in your medications or treatments.

Food and Drink

Do not eat after midnight on the day of your surgery, unless instructed otherwise by your physician.

What to Expect at the Hospital

While in the pre-operative area, you will change into a hospital gown and have the opportunity to use the bathroom.

An antibacterial skin preparation may be applied prior to surgery to reduce the risk of infection. An intravenous catheter, a thin tube, will be placed in a vein to deliver fluids into the body.

The orthopedic surgeon and anesthesiologist will meet with you and review your medical history prior to surgery. You will receive medication to prepare you for surgery prior to be being taken to the operating room.


Your family members may stay with you in the pre-operative area until the time of your surgery. They should then wait in the surgical waiting area to speak with the orthopedic surgeon or his/her designee after the surgery is complete. A volunteer will direct them to the surgical unit.


In the recovery room, your vital signs will be monitored, you will receive medications to control your pain, nausea, if any, and may have X-rays taken of your new joint. Once you meet the criteria, you will be transferred to the surgical unit where the nursing team will begin providing care and your family will be allowed into your room.

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