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The staff at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo is dedicated to making the birth of your baby an experience that you and your loved ones will always cherish. Some of the ways we show our dedication:

  • Private patient rooms
  • Award-winning service (see our awards)
  • Midwives who are available 24/7
  • Critical care units for moms and babies who require extra care
  • A free Halo sleep sack for baby

The staff at Mercy Hospital is dedicated to making the birth of your baby an experience that you and your loved ones will always cherish.

Tour Our Hospital

Standard Room
Standard Room
Standard Room Bathroom
Celebration Suite
Celebration Suite
Birthing Suite
Birthing Suite
Jacuzzi Tub in Birthing Suite

To schedule a tour, please contact us several weeks before your due date. Call HealthConnection at (716) 706-2112.

If you are attending one of our Prepared Childbirth classes, your tour is scheduled as part of your program. You do not need to make separate arrangements.

Watch the video below for an overview of the amenities available at the Mercy Hospital Family BirthPlace.

Family BirthPlace

Following the birth of your child, you will be admitted to our Family BirthPlace for your recovery and to bond with your baby.

In the Family BirthPlace, one nurse cares for three to four moms and their babies.

Because your nurse coordinates your care as well as your baby’s, she can explain infant care techniques and point out different aspects of infant behavior right from the start. She is there to address your healthcare needs, alleviate your concerns, and offer valuable encouragement and support.

Babies are encouraged to room with their parent; dimmer lights in our patient rooms make it possible for babies to stay comfortably with mom and dad. If babies are returned to the nursery, they will receive care from the same registered nurse who cares for mom.

Private Patient Rooms

There are 26 standard patient rooms in the Family BirthPlace; all are private and include a private shower and bath. Standard rooms include a sleeper sofa for a visitor to spend the night.

On the rare occasion that all private rooms are occupied, semi-private rooms are offered.

Celebration Suites

You may also choose to stay in a Celebration suite, depending on availability. Four suites, available for an additional $100 per night, include:

  • Flat screen TVs
  • Private closets
  • Showers and baths
  • Dining areas, complete with a refrigerator and Keurig coffee maker
  • Double sleeper sofas for loved ones
  • A meal for mom’s significant other
  • Free parking voucher


The Celebration Suites are available on a first come, first serve basis for all patients, including those who have a scheduled birth, and cannot be reserved in advance.

When you arrive in Labor and Delivery, please let your nurse know of your preference.

After you deliver, we will let you know if a suite is available, and your husband or a family member will be asked to pay the suite charge at the business office.

If a suite is not available, you will have the option of being added to a waiting list and transferred should one become available during your hospital stay.

We do our best to ensure that you have your suite for your entire stay. We try not to move postpartum patients for their safety and convenience.

Intensive Care for Both Mom & Baby

Mercy Hospital and Sisters of Charity Hospital are the only hospitals in Western New York that can provide critical care for both mom and baby, with adult and neonatal intensive care units (ICUs) under one roof.

Learn about our NICU.