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Ann Marie Smokowski, RD

Ann Marie Smokowski, RD, CDE, CDN

Ann Marie Smokowski, RD, CDE, CDN, teaches a diabetes class.

Ann Marie Smokowski, RD, CDE, CDN is a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator and certified dietitian/nutritionist.

Ann Marie takes pride in helping clients reach their nutritional goals.

I have lost a total of 81 lbs. since the diabetes class.

My diabetes was diagnosed early and with the early intervention, lifestyle changes including walking one mile daily, following my meal plan consistently, and watching portions, I no longer require my oral Diabetes medication! The class instruction (especially the meal plan) taught me to change my lifestyle for the better. I feel great!

– David R.

Individual Nutrition Counseling

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Diabetes Education Classes

Diabetes classes are taught in four parts. One part is taught by Ann Marie and the remaining three are taught by certified diabetes educators.

Persons meeting the following criteria should attend a diabetes education class:

  • Recently diagnosed with diabetes
  • Had a change in treatment or nutrition plan
  • Has not had a previous opportunity to attend class
  • Has difficulty controlling their diabetes 

Upcoming diabetes education classes are listed on our events calendar. For more information or to register, call Health Connection at (716) 706-2112.


Both Ann Marie and Mary were very knowledgeable and interesting.

They were very helpful for me and my wife in dealing with my diabetes.

Thank you very much.

– J.V.

Wellness Tips from Ann Marie Smokowski

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