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Meet the Mercy Hospital Midwives on 10/28

If you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant, meet the Mercy Hospital midwives at our free dinner event on October 28th.

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Getting Pregnant
Learn how to improve your chances of conceiving. Plus, get free pregnancy testing, and if you've had your tubes tied, learn how the procedure can be reversed.
Care During Your Pregnancy
Find OB/GYNs and midwives. Learn about what happens during your prenatal visits and how physical therapy can relieve discomfort during pregnancy.
Childbirth Classes
Our childbirth classes help to prepare moms for labor and include a tour of our maternity units.
Labor & Delivery
Learn about our maternity hospitals, how to prepare for your visit and what to expect during childbirth.
Breastfeeding Support
Learn about breastfeeding resources available to you at Catholic Health.
Unplanned Pregnancy?
If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and are not ready to become a parent, please consider adoption.
Community Organizations
Find resources for breastfeeding supplies, clothing, day care and more.