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Blood Testing

Blood tests tell your doctor how healthy you are and help to diagnose health issues if you're not feeling well.

To draw blood, a band is put around your arm. This helps your veins to become large. Your arm is cleansed with a product to kill germs and a small needle is used to draw blood. The blood travels through the needle and into a tube.

Get Faster Results

Because all Catholic Health lab testing is performed locally, our results are nearly always faster than Quest – same day, in most cases. Quest ships their testing to Pittsburgh, and most samples don't arrive at Quest until midnight, whereas we're able to test the sample sooner.

Most physicians receive Catholic Health lab results electronically or by autofax.

Laboratory Sites

The Catholic Health laboratories, conveniently located throughout Western New York, provide expert phlebotomy (blood draw) services and state-of-the-art diagnostic testing.

Our robotics laboratory unit, the Beckman Coulter Power Processor, helps Catholic Health to automate the preparation and analysis process, and provide fast and accurate results that are automatically forwarded to your doctor.

Click here for Catholic Health Laboratory Patient Service Center locations.

Becoming a Patient

In order to have your blood drawn, a prescription from your physician is required. If you do not have a physician, click here to find a Catholic Health primary care center near you or search our physician directory.

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More Information

For more information, call or visit one of the Catholic Health laboratories near you.  You  may also call the Catholic Health Laboratory Customer Service Line at (716) 862-1150.

Catholic Health Laboratory Services is committed to providing you with high quality, confidential and compassionate service. You may report any concerns regarding quality of care or patient safety by clicking here.

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