Why Kenmore Mercy?

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You don't need to travel far to get relief from joint pain. As a patient at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, you'll receive your presurgical testing, treatment and rehabilitation all at one orthopedic campus of excellence. 

Knee & Hip Center

Our new Knee & Hip Center features 24 private rooms for your comfort. Our nurses have advanced knowledge of orthopedic care, with many having achieved Orthopedic Nursing Certification. 

Whether your condition requires medication, orthopedic surgery or physical therapy, trust Kenmore Mercy’s Orthopedic Campus of Excellence to provide the best care available.

Download our quality report to learn how many knee and hip replacements we performed in 2015 and see our patient satisfaction scores:

Download our quality report

Less Stress, Faster Recovery

At Kenmore Mercy Hospital, your care is coordinated from pre-surgery to recovery. In fact, we are the only health system in Western New York that walks you through your entire knee or hip journey.

First you’ll attend our pre-operative class, where you’ll learn what to expect before and after surgery and how to recover as soon as possible.

After surgery, you will receive physical therapy in the most appropriate setting – at home, in a subacute rehab center, or on an outpatient basis.

You won’t need to worry about making appointments; we’ll ensure that the care you need is readily available.

For example, if you are discharged home from the hospital, physical therapy will automatically come to your home on the next day, and for two days after that.

Specially Trained Nurses to Ease Your Recovery

Our nurses are certified in orthopedic care and have years of experience in caring for patients who have had knee, hip or spine surgery.

If complications arise, our nurses are more likely to recognize the signs and be able to respond promptly. You can feel confident that our nurses know how your recovery should progress – and how it shouldn’t.

The Best Keeps Getting Better

At Kenmore Mercy Hospital, we provide some of the best orthopedic care in the country. But don't just take our word for it. For eight years in a row, HealthGrades® has named us as one of the nation’s best hospitals for orthopedic care.

But being the best isn’t good enough; we always look for ways to improve.

We voluntarily submit our quality data to the American Joint Replacement Register, so that we can compare how our patients are doing against patients in other hospitals across the country. This comparison lets us know what we could be doing better.