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Get Answers to Your Questions about Breast Cancer

Call Candice Gerrity at (716) 698-9464. Her guidance is available at no cost, no matter where you receive treatment in Western New York.

Guidance from a Nurse Practitioner

Candice Gerrity

For most women, a diagnosis of breast cancer brings with it a host of medical questions and concerns, along with a variety of emotional issues.

To help you better manage your breast cancer care, Mercy Hospital's Breast Cancer Patient Navigator Program provides a specially trained nurse practitioner to guide you through the many phases of breast cancer, from diagnosis and treatment through post recovery. This service is available no matter where you receive treatment.

What Our Breast Health Navigator Can Do for You

Our breast cancer navigator, Candice Gerrity, RN, MSN, FNP, provides free consultation services and connects you to follow-up care and additional support.

Breast Health Navigator Candice Gerrity

She can:

  • Guide you through the healthcare system
  • Help you find ways to pay for healthcare if you don’t have insurance
  • Direct you to health care services for further treatment
  • Help you keep track of and find ways to get to your appointments
  • Help you get your questions answered
  • Help you obtain genetic testing BRCA 1 & 2

The benefits of the program include improved and more timely access to healthcare services and information, fewer delayed and missed appointments, and increased satisfaction with your healthcare experience.

Available to All Women with Breast Cancer

Catholic Health’s Breast Cancer Patient Navigator Program is available to all women who have been recently diagnosed, are already living with the disease, or have had a recurrence of the disease.

No Cost to You or Your Insurance Company

Catholic Health’s Breast Patient Navigator Program is a complimentary service; there is no cost to you or your insurance company to use this program.

More Information

For more information about this free service, contact Candice Gerrity at (716) 698-9464.