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Frank's Pro-active Approach Prevents a Stroke

Frank Tomabene is back at work in his collision shop.When Frank Tornabene’s friend suggested he attend a free Catholic Health Stroke Awareness Fair in June 2009, he had no idea how serious the pain in his hand really was. That suggestion started Frank's life-saving path through Catholic Health’s continuum of care.

Frank said, "When I felt a little numbness in my hand, my friend told me about a free stroke screening at Mercy Hospital. I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t make the effort that day."

The free screening revealed a potentially life-threatening arterial blockage that could have led to a stroke. That led to a trip to Mercy Hospital’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab for a more thorough screening and an MRI. Tests showed the artery was 75% blocked, and surgery was required.

After surgery with one of the area’s most renowned neurosurgeons, Mr. Tornabene was out of the hospital in a few days and back to work in his collision shop within a month.

"The people at Mercy really took care of me, and because of them, I’m back leading a normal life,” said Frank.

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