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Carolyn Carter Walks Again After Weight Loss

Imagine not being able to leave your house. Not due to a phobia but because you physically couldn’t due to weight gain.

From left to right: Carolyn Carter, Amy Kostek, physical therapist, and Katie Kennedy, physical therapistThat’s just what Carolyn Carter faced in April 2009 when she thought she was having a stroke. Within minutes of placing a 9-1-1 call, first responders realized they had a serious situation on their hands.

Carolyn couldn’t move by herself and lived in a second story apartment. The stairwell was extremely narrow and firefighters felt it would compromise Carolyn’s care by bringing her down the stairs.

Firefighters had no choice but to cut through a wall of the home to bring her out safely. It took over 20 firefighters and city engineers with a high lift to bring Carolyn safely down. She was then brought to Sisters Hospital for treatment.

Upon admission, Carolyn weighed 596 pounds with a BMI of 102. After spending two months in Sisters Hospital, Carolyn was discharged to St. Catherine Labouré Health Care Center to continue rehabilitation.

Carolyn began to learn how to manage her weight through diet and exercise. Her positive attitude was key to her success. “I do a little bit at a time each week and I’m working on getting back into a routine,” says Carolyn.

Within 18 months, she lost over 125 pounds and can now walk on her own and even climb stairs. Carolyn said she hadn’t been in the car in ten years and was looking forward to going home.

Carolyn was released in September 2010 and has been getting her life back. “I’m keeping my exercise up because I don’t want to get stuck like that again,” explained Carolyn.

“I owe this all to Sisters Hospital and St. Catherine’s because if they didn’t help me I don’t know where I’d be today."

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