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Your health affects everything you do, from picking up groceries at the supermarket to participating in your favorite sports. At Catholic Health, we strive to prevent health issues before they occur and put you on the path to recovery when they do.

Our patients have told us that Catholic Health has made a dramatic impact on their lives. We're pleased to share their stories with you.

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Jim Cornell

Jim Cornell Stays Close to Home for Heart Surgery

When Jim Cornell's cardiologist said that he needed life-saving surgery in mere weeks, his seach for a cardiothoracic surgeon led him to Mercy Hospital.


Marion is on the Move

Marion has lived with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for twenty years. But she no longer needs a wheelchair to get around.

Carolyn Carter

Carolyn Carter Walks Again After Weight Loss

Following her admission to Sisters Hospital and rehabilitation at  St. Catherine Labouré Health Care Center, Carolyn lost over 125 pounds and can now walk on her own and even climb stairs.

Kevin Degnan Runs Again after a Surgery that Amputated His Leg

After fourteen surgeries and years of rehabilitation, Degnan and his doctor made the mutual decision to amputate. Three months later, he’s started running again.

Kim Hazard

Kim Hazard Gives Birth on October 10, 2010 at 10:10 a.m.

Kim Hazard worked with her physician to schedule her delivery for 10-10-10, making it a special birthdate like her oldest child, Gretchen, born naturally on 2-20-02.

Leslie Regains Livelihood Thanks to Kenmore Mercy’s MRU

After a 25-day stay in Kenmore Mercy Hospital’s Medical Rehabilitation Unit, violist Leslie Balher wasn’t quite ready to run, but she was ready to perform again.

Jenneth Paucara and Dr. Meilman

Jeanneth Describes Operation as a "Rebirth"

A 23-year-old mother of four can move her arms and neck following a life-changing surgery at Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

Makara Tuan

Makara's Ability to Walk is Restored

Diagnosed with an aneurysmal bone cyst, the bone in Makara Tuan's leg was so diseased she could break it simply by walking on it.

Paul Busdiecker 

Paul Returns Home to Western New York

After experiencing a foot wound that wouldn't heal, Paul, a civilian worker stationed in Nicosia, Cyprus, is on his way to recovery in Western New York.

Mary Ann Gottstine

Mary Ann Plans to Pick Up Where She Left Off

A former Vice President at Mercy Hospital anticipates a return to her normal activities after undergoing rehabilitation at Father Baker Manor.

Donald Morrison

Donald's Heart Implant is a Lifesaver

After a heart attack, the world's smallest heart pump restored Donald's heart function until he could undergo open heart surgery.

Gerard Vaughan

Gerard Takes Nurse’s Advice to Heart

As Gerard Vaughan recovered from heart surgery with his girlfriend by his side, his nurse Marci Zynda offered some advice: “She is the one. You should marry her...”

Robert Guiffreda

Robert is Up and Running

Robert's heart condition led doctors to believe that he'd have to give up jogging. But after minimally invasive surgery at Mercy Hospital, Robert was back on his feet in five days.

Frank Tomabene 

Frank's Pro-active Approach Prevents a Stroke

A free stroke screening revealed a potentially life-threatening blockage that could have led to a stroke. "I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t make the effort that day," says Frank.

Phyllis Roach 

Phyllis is on the Road to Recovery

When Phyllis collapsed at home, it could have been the end of her story. But instead, it was the beginning of her journey on the road to recovery.



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