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Robotic Assisted Surgery

What is Robotic Assisted Surgery?

Robotic surgery is surgery that is performed with the assistance of a robotic surgical system.

Catholic Health operates with the MAKO Medical Robot (used for partial knee replacements) and the daVinci® Surgical System.

The MAKO Medical Robot is powered by MAKO’s RIO™ robotic arm system which allows for precision in performing partial knee resurfacing. Implants can be optimally aligned and positioned to ensure the longest benefit.

The daVinci® Surgical System, used to perform multiple procedures, has three robotic arms, which are inserted into three small incisions on the body. These arms hold surgical instruments and a camera. Sitting at a computer console, the surgeon guides the movement of the robotic arms and is able to operate with more precision and with better range of motion.

Watch the video below to learn more about the daVinci® Surgical System:


  • A more rapid recovery and shorter hospital stay, with a faster return to family, life and work
  • Smaller incision(s), resulting in less trauma to the body
  • Less pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Less risk of infections
  • Less scarring



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