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Pledge Your Support

The name “Samaritan” honors the compassionate passerby described by Jesus in the familiar biblical parable, (Luke 10:25-37). The Good Samaritan not only tended to an injured stranger but provided for his continued care as long as was necessary.

The Samaritan Society consists of a group of people who have promised to make a future gift to the Continuing & Home Care Foundation and who share in the compassionate ideals of the Good Samaritan. Membership requires no immediate gift or pledge; rather, it is a statement of support and a promise for the future.

How Your Gift Will Be Used

Your gift will help others along their journey in life. Members may direct their support to an affiliated organization or program, or allow the foundation to direct the funds where they are needed most:

Your donation is tax-deductible.

How to Join

Click here to download more information on how to join The Samaritan Society and how to leave a legacy.

Click here to download the Samaritan Society Enrollment form.