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Reasons to Give

We all are connected to someone who needs our support – perhaps your mom or dad, an aunt or even a neighbor. Sometimes, those who are aging need an advocate who will fight for their independence and special needs. We hope you will consider helping us be that special advocate.

1. Your gift is tax-deductible, meaning that you do not pay income tax on your donation. Therefore, the actual cost of the donation is reduced by your tax savings. Click here for more information about the tax benefits of giving.

2. You can memorialize someone that you love.

3. You can leave a legacy that represents your ideals or a cause that you believe in.

4. You can make a difference in the lives of those who require the services provided by Continuing Care or Home Care.

5. You can impact the use of resources in your community. For example, when the Our Lady of Victory Hospital closed in 1999, funds raised by the foundation enabled us to transform the former hospital into a community for seniors.

Matty Gives in Honor of His Late Wife

Matty Luksch's Wedding PhotoSt. Joseph’s Day 1964 is a day Matty Luksch will never forget.

“Something hit me and I knew she was going to be my wife,” Matty said.

She was a vibrant, young Polish immigrant who moved to Buffalo, New York in 1949 after World War II. She survived a Nazi Concentration Camp but lost both her parents and one of her four siblings during the Holocaust. However, on St. Joseph’s Day 1964, Jadwiga was looking to put her troubled past behind her and enjoy the festivities at a Polish dancehall on Fillmore Avenue. Matty also decided to celebrate, at the same dancehall.

For much of the night the music was festive and fast moving. Then, just before 9 o’clock, the tunes slowed to a more romantic pace and Matty asked the young Jadwiga, who had caught his eye earlier that fateful night, to dance.

“She was the love of my life,” Matty said. “I used to call her my ‘lalka’, which is Polish for doll.” 

Six months later, Matty and Jadwiga were wed. Like any married couple, they had good days and challenging days, but their love for each other endured over the years. 

In 2010, Jadwiga was no longer able to care for herself and needed specialized medical support, more than her husband could provide at home. They found the help and support she needed at Catholic Health’s St. Francis of Williamsville.

“The employees here bent over backwards for my wife,” Matty said. “It is almost like family.”

Forty eight years later, at almost the exact time the two held each other for the very first time on the dance floor, Matty held his bride’s hand and comforted her as she passed from this world on St. Joseph’s Day 2012.

“I watched God come down, kiss her and take her up,” Matty said.

Almost every day since Jadwiga’s passing, Matty has come back to St. Francis to spread joy, support the staff, and provide comfort to the residents.     

“I do it for love and for those that don’t have loved ones to come visit them here,” Matty said. “You see a smile on a person’s face; it’s a joy and you bring happiness to people. That’s why I’m here.”

At Catholic Health’s Continuing & Home Care Foundation, we believe the true test of society is measured in how it treats its elderly, ill and frail.  We are proud to serve the community, strengthen faith and nurture hope.

As our mission states, we believe we are called to reveal the healing love of Jesus to those in need.

If you believe as we believe that compassionate care should be inspired by faith and committed to excellence, won’t you join us in our mission? Every gift generously given to support Catholic Health’s Continuing & Home Care Foundation strengthens care for the aging, at-risk, and infirmed in our community.

Your generous gift will help us continue to provide critical care to our patients living with us at our many care facilities, as well as those being treated at home and in our community.  Your generosity will ensure that patients and residents are cared for with the utmost dignity and respect regardless of financial means.

This spring, please consider honoring your mother, father, or a special person in your life with a Tribute gift. Matty’s gifts to Catholic Health’s Continuing & Home Care Foundation are made in honor and memory of his late wife.

“I give what I’ve got,” Matty said modestly. “It puts something in you.  If you give, you get in return.”