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Darryl Looks Forward to Another 1,000 Miles

Three months after Dr. John Bell-Thomson surgically repaired a valve in his heart, Darryl Radt said, “I’ve bought a new bike and am looking forward to another 1,000 miles by July 1, 2014!"

Darryl, a retired FBI agent and avid cyclist, got the news last summer that he would need heart surgery. He said, “I checked around and found out he was regarded as the best.” 

Darryl appreciated Dr. Bell-Thomson’s knowledge, straight-forward communication and confidence in the excellence of his medical team.

Those of us who work closely with Mercy Hospital see daily the expertise, brilliance and compassion of our physicians. Every day these men and women save lives, make crucial decisions, and sensitively help patients and families through some of the most difficult experiences they will ever face. Mercy Hospital is well-known for the exceptional quality of the medical staff – how impressive they are in their knowledge and in the high standards of performance they set for themselves.

Caring for others isn’t merely their job; it is a sacred mission to which they have dedicated their lives.

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Darryl Radt walked out of the hospital two days after his October surgery. He gratefully acknowledges the team of medical professionals who cared for him at Mercy Hospital as “the apex of quality.” He said, “They’re dedicated, know what they are doing, are sympathetic and listen; exactly what you need.”