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Ted’s Story: A Grateful Heart

Ted Pysz remembers August 29, 1981, like it was yesterday. He and his wife were packing for their trip to Disney World. Suddenly he felt ill, and minutes later, his heart stopped beating. Ted was rushed to Mercy Hospital where cardiologist Anthony Bonner, M.D., was on duty. 

Ted was unresponsive when he arrived. In the following days, he suffered a stroke and underwent several emergency surgeries. “Only by the grace of God and Dr. Bonner’s expertise did I survive that initial attack,” recalled Ted. “I shouldn’t be alive, but thanks to Mercy, I’m here.”
This year marks 32 consecutive years of giving by Ted and Helen Pysz in support of Mercy Hospital Foundation. “I’m delighted Mercy was there for me because I’ve experienced so many positive things over these years,” an emotional Ted shared.

Ted and his wife raised their children together, and welcomed their grandchildren into the world. He has marked milestones, celebrated birthdays and realizes each day is a blessing.

“Our donations are modest, but the idea of being able to assist somebody else in some small measure to avail themselves of the skills of Mercy is my way of expressing our gratitude,” Ted explained. “Helen and I recognize that we’ve had time together we would not have had otherwise.”

Ted and Helen did eventually make the trip to Disney World. And they will always consider Mercy their hospital of choice.