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Lydia’s Story: Lighting the Darkest Hour

Lydia RolaLydia Rola is an energetic college student. Last year, while away at school, she developed a sore throat. She was diagnosed as having mononucleosis, a common viral infection causing fever, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Lydia was told to drink plenty of fluids and rest. But shortly after her visit to the campus health center, Lydia’s condition dramatically worsened. Soon she was being rushed to Mercy Hospital.

“They just told me Lydia had to be admitted to Mercy’s Intensive Care Unit immediately,” said Lydia’s mother, Laura. “We didn’t know what was wrong and neither did the doctors.”

Lydia had developed a dangerous internal infection and her body was struggling to fight it. This perfectly healthy young woman was now unconscious and clinging to life.      

“The first week she was unconscious in a medically induced coma,” Laura said. “Then she needed surgery to treat one of the worst infections her surgeon had ever seen.”

Lydia continued her stay in Mercy’s Intensive Care Unit and was prescribed powerful antibiotics to help her body fight the infection. “The doctors and nurses at Mercy are amazing,’” Laura added. “They saved my daughter’s life.”

Lydia is now back at school, but with a new major. She was so inspired by the healing she experienced at Mercy that she’s decided to become a doctor to help others. 

“We feel indebted to Mercy,” Laura said. “I have started correcting people when they say that Lydia’s recovery was ‘miraculous.’ I tell them, ‘No, she had the most incredible team of doctors and nurses on her side,’ and I mean that.”