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Technology Systems

PLEASE NOTE: If you have accessed this page from outside the Catholic Health Network, you must click on the  "External Login" button to access clinical systems. 

This is your gateway for access to Catholic Health Clinical Technology Systems.

Remote Access with Anakam (PDF)

Remote Access to Catholic Health Clinical Information Systems (PDF)

Soarian EDM Upgrade - Go Live January 17, 2014

Access to Soarian

For training and access to Soarian, please contact Maryann Vujicich at (716) 862-2314 or mvujicic@chsbuffalo.org

VideoVideos and Tutorials

Physician Technology Support

Our Physician Support Analysts are available to:

  • Provide focused technical support for physician-specific needs
  • Advocate for physician concerns in the evaluation and implementation of new or enhanced technology
  • Increase physician satisfaction and use of Catholic Health clinical technology

For technical assistance, please contact:

Todd Loomis
Email: tloomis@chsbuffalo.org
Phone: (716) 225-3306


Catholic Health is part of a very important community initiative called HEALTHeLINK.

HEALTHeLINK, the Western New York Clinical Information Exchange, is a collaborative effort among physician, hospital, and insurance organizations to share clinical information in efficient and meaningful ways to improve the delivery of care, enhance clinical outcomes, and help control healthcare costs throughout the region.

HEALTHeLINK supports and is working toward creating a privacy-protected system for healthcare providers and payers to exchange medical information and other clinical applications through a community-based system.

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