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Medical Rehabilitation Unit (MRU)

A medical rehabilitation unit offers a higher level of rehabilitation than subacute (short-term rehab) facilities. Patients may be recovering from specific diagnoses such as stroke, hip fractures, multiple fractures or complications from neurological conditions like Parkinson's or Multiple Sclerosis. On average, the length of stay in an MRU is 14 days.

Patients are discharged from the hospital and transferred to the medical rehabilitation unit located in Kenmore Mercy or Mercy Hospital of Buffalo.


MRU Facilities

The Partners In Rehab Medical Rehabilitation Units (MRU) at Mercy Hospital and Kenmore Mercy Hospital improve the health, functioning and quality of life for patients who are transitioning from a hospital.

Becoming a Patient

Patients are discharged from the hospital and transferred to the medical rehabilitation unit located in Kenmore Mercy or Mercy Hospital of Buffalo. Patients are referred by a physician, case manager, or discharge planner. However, patients and family can request an evaluation to determine elgibibility for MRU services. This request should be made to the hospital's rehab physician (physiatrist) or nurse practitioner, or to the patient's discharge planner.


Why Catholic Health?

Easy Access to Medical Services

The MRU is located within a hospital, which provides patients with proximity to medical services should the need arise.

Team Approach to Care

Each patient's rehabilitation program is developed by our medical team, led by our board-certified physiatrist, in conjunction with the patient and family. The program incorporates the patient's personal treatment goals.

Specialized teams of medical and clinical staff work exclusively in the MRU to expedite the recovery process. Team members combine their individual areas of expertise to create the best possible treatment program for the patient.

The physician's team includes:

  • Physical and occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists
  • Care managers/social workers
  • Rehabilitation nurses
  • Surgeons, internists and specialists (as needed)
  • Pastoral/spiritual care personnel

Rehabilitation Nurses

Rehabilitation nurses help individuals affected by chronic illness or physical disability to achieve their greatest potential, adapt to their disabilities, and work toward productive, independent lives.

They educate patients and families and empower these individuals when they go home or return to work or school. The rehabilitation nurse often teaches patients and their caregivers how to access systems and resources.

Rehabilitation nurses:

  • Manage complex medical issues
  • Collaborate with other specialists
  • Provide ongoing patient/caregiver education
  • Set goals for maximal independence
  • Establish plans of care to maintain optimal wellness

Individualized Treatment Plans and Dedicated Case Managers

To best serve our patients, individual case management maximizes the medical, social and financial resources available to each patient. A social worker coordinates communication among the team members, the patient and the family to facilitate discharge.

Team conferences are held weekly to review the treatment plan and evaluate the patient's progress. Team members provide the patient and family with recommendations and instructions for continued care.

Referrals for continued rehabilitation services are initiated to meet the patient's ongoing needs.

Latest Technology

The rehabilitation team creates innovative treatments to help patients now and in the future. We are committed to providing our patients with the most up-to-date care and information.

Partners In Rehab participates in the FIM® System of tracking rehabilitative care and patient progress. The FIM™ instrument allows the MRU staff to document the severity of patient disability and the results of medical rehabilitation. Staff can monitor changes in the functional status of their patients from the start of rehabilitative care through discharge and follow-up. The data is compared with regional and national facilities to ensure high quality medical standards are maintained.

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