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Sisters of Charity Hospital Testimonials

Our patients have told us that Sisters Hospital has made a dramatic impact on their lives. We're pleased to share their stories with you.

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I just want to sincerely thank all of the nurses at Sisters Hospital for the wonderful care I received when I delivered my son in January.

What a great team of nurses and midwifes, especially my nurse Cathy Gardner. She held my hands the entire time and reassured me that everything was going to be ok! It was so nice to have a nurse who cared about her patient and was focused on making me as comfortable as possible.

Even though it was my second child, I was still scared, but with her help and guidance, I was at ease. She kept me as calm as possible and really made delivery as pain free as possible. My husband and I really feel blessed to have had such a wonderful nurse!

Even after my son was born, she continuously came in to check up on me and my husband to make sure we didn’t need anything. I had both of my children at Sisters, and both times my experiences were absolutely wonderful! The nurses are so knowledgeable and really are there to educate their patients. We are all so lucky to have such a wonderful hospital in Buffalo.

– Jamie

I had gastric sleeve at Sisters Hospital and have to commend everyone who took care of me during my stay:

Donna in Transport; Rick in X-ray; Bill & Lou in the Surgery Department; Christie, Sam, Gina, Sue, Tisha, Lisa, Jerome, Karen, Renee, Fonda and Tammy on 3W; the wonderful girls from the lab, Donna and Sue; and a host of others whose names I didn't get, the Dietary Department and Housekeeping included!

Thanks for making my hospital stay as "enjoyable" as it possibly could be!

– Anita

Once again, I am overwhelmed at the flawless healthcare I have received at Sisters Hospital.

Thank you all.

This hospital rocks and know what really is important to a person who is sick!

– Donna Gulcynski

I gave birth to my first child here 9 years ago, and I absolutely loved it.

The staff was very nice and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions and made sure that we were both well cared for. I'll be back in the next few weeks with my second, and I know that we're in very good hands at Sisters of Charity Hospital!

– Rachel Bars

I received excellent care in the emergency room and on the floor when admitted.

It was an hour and a half drive there but it was worth it for the exceptional care!

Thank you!

– Amy Goode

I recently spent a few days in the Intensive Care Unit with my cousin, and I have never experienced a hospital with such a caring medical staff.

The doctors, nurses, and aides were such compassionate personnel.

A special thanks to a resident in the ICU; I believe his name was Swarkowski. He went out of his way to answer our concerns.

I would also comment that the overall hospital was exceptionally clean and well maintained.

Your facility goes above and beyond the call. Thanks for taking such good care of my cousin and his family.

– Mary Ann Davis

I would like to sincerely thank you for the care that I received at Sisters Hospital.

Both the nursing staff and the doctors are just absolutely wonderful! They truly care deeply about their patients and take the time to explain the procedures they are performing. I have never experienced such a warm and welcoming environment in any other hospital.

I want to thank you for taking your time with your patients and really caring for everyone that walks through the door. Sisters Hospital by far has the best nursing staff!

– Jamie

I wish to thank everyone at Sisters Hospital for a wonderful stay after my hysterectomy on 6/13/2012.

The staff at pre-admissions, surgical, recovery and on the second floor were the most courteous, competent, caring and knowledgeable group of people I have ever met.

I especially want to commend and thank the girls on the 2nd floor who took care of me (Julie and Renee, Joan and Ida and Deanne and Camille). All were very comforting and caring ladies who knew their job very well. They treated me like a friend instead of a patient and listened to my concerns regarding my insulin pump.

Julie actually contacted Dr. A Chouchani about my concerns. She also made sure that I ordered and ate something. Renee is a very bubbly person who made me feel comfortable. Julie, Joan and Deanne are very knowledgeable ladies who always explained everything thoroughly. I could keep on complimenting your organization regarding my experience.

Thank you all once again.

– Diane M. Piwowar

I would like to thank the nursing staff, doctors, and P.T. staff for taking such wonderful care of my mother-in-law.

She felt as if she were home and never once felt pressured or uncomfortable. She also spoke highly of the dietary team, who were very well dressed, groomed and well mannered.

Thank all of you so much through our hardship!

– Sarah

Our mom is currently in the ICU recovering from abdominal surgery. Please let your staff be given heartfelt thanks on behalf of our family.

Special recognition should go to Amy in the ER who provided tender but professional care; Dr. Dara, whose caring and compassionate personality was appreciated; and Mary in ICU, who was by our side all day as decisions and discussion ensued.

We would be remiss should we not recognize many other humanistic individuals who responded to not only our mother but our family in this crisis. Each phase of her care was explained in depth, and each provider gave us the opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Please let each of these individuals and the department in which they work be given recognition for not only attending to the medical needs of our mom, but to our emotional well being as we continue to go through the process of recovery.

Many other nurses, residents, aides and support staff also assisted our family in both of these departments as well.

Thank you for allowing us to share our experiences with your fine facility.

Our prayer is for our mom's recovery, but also prayers that Sisters Hospital may continue to provide to all patients the outstanding physical and emotional care they deserve.

Thank you.

– Linda Heusler, Carolyn Manz, Nancy Zdyb, Michael Nigro

I was a patient in room 426. I want to let you know that your nursing staff was spot on.

Being a nurse myself, I understand how difficult it can be caring for a nurse who is also a patient.

Each of your staff was kind, compasionate, empathetic and very knowledgeable. Although she is a new nurse, and was still working under a preceptor, one nurse stood out. Lindsey was amazing. Your facility is fortunate to have her on staff. She has a bright future in nursing.

Thank you all for making my stay the best it could be. You really do nursing the right way.

– Philip Salemi Jr.

I was a patient in the ER and then admitted to 4 South for three days.

I could not have been more pleasantly surprised by the level of care and compassion I experienced from every single employee that I had interaction with. I am so very grateful for your kindness!

– Sarah

I can't thank you enough for your wonderful care while Bill was in the hospital for back surgery.

Everyone was so nice and accommodating. Thank you for your patience and compassion and for making him as comfortable as possible after surgery. You are all awesome!

– Kim

I'd like you to know about the very positive experience I had with your nurse Laura Hook.

My mother was admitted to 4 South from the emergency room. I observed her care under nurse Laura Hook on both overnight shifts. Laura was an excellent nurse – competent, but also kind, caring, and patient. My mother has been in one healthcare facility or another over the past few months, so I have a lot to compare to. Laura deserves recognition for her skill.

– Donna Kassel

My stay at Sisters Hospital was a good experience.

The staff on the second floor was patient and caring. They treated me as if I was the only one there. So I would like to say "thank you" to the staff at Sisters.

– Denise Sextion

I had an incredible nurse named Danielle. The person who took my blood pressure, Rosy, was also excellent.

They both were not only professional and efficient but kind and compassionate as well. I was on an overflow ward from gynecology, up in orthopedics, I believe. Please recognize them. They were truly wonderful!

– Annemarie

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful hospital you are running.

I had surgery in December, and my experience could not have been better. I was totally amazed and blown away how everyone from the cleaning staff up to the doctor was so professional and overly nice. I almost thought that I was dreaming. I never experienced this before at any hospital.

I just want to say thank you for the wonderful treatment that I received from all of your nurses/aides and anyone else who took care and encouraged me when I wasn't feeling to great. So proud to have been a patient at Sisters of Charity Hospital.

Special thanks to Nurse Crystal who took care of me right after surgery. Her voice, her re-assurance, her gentleness, her ability to remain and stay so warm, even when I was in great pain, made me feel so much better.

When I returned to the hospital as a patient for a second time, I was once again on 3 west. I was so happy and immediately felt better. All of the nurses and nurses aides that took care of me the first time came to my room to see me. It made me feel so special. Special thanks to Tammy and Tinika, my aides and all of my nurses, especially Melissa G.

Thank you to Sisters of Charity Hospital, you obviously hire the greatest of the greatest staff.

– La Verne

My grandmother was admitted to the ER, and never in my experience have I ever been so pleased with the care! I wanted to say many words of thanks to PCN Sonya and Nurse Jim.

Sonya was so personable, she made my entire family feel comfortable. I felt like I was leaving my grandmother in the care of family.

Nurse Jim took the time to explain everything that he was doing – the good, the bad and what was possible. At 40 years old, he made me want to change my profession and go into medicine.

At a time when your loved one is ill, anxiety is high – the care, time and grace displayed by these two individuals was paramount. Please give them many, many thanks from my entire family. They're an asset to Sisters Hospital and truly deserve to be recognized for a job superbly done!

– Tashia

I cannot say enough good things about this facility. I had a serious surgery with major complications, and I am only here due to the extraordinary care of my doctors and the staff at Sisters Hospital.

The mission of Sisters Hospital is not simply a statement. It was my experience that it is how the nurses and aides worked with their patients every day. Their care, kindness and encouragement helped me to heal as much as the medications did.

The directors of nursing and nurse assistants should be commended for the quality of their staff and each nurse and nurse assistant commended for his or her work. 

– Noralyn

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the great customer service I received while I was a surgical inpatient.

I was admitted on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 and discharged on Friday, October 21. When my family and I arrived at 6 a.m., we were greeted by the security guard, who was personable and friendly.

At admissions, everyone was very nice and friendly. The nurse who took care of me, Carrie, not only made me feel comfortable and at ease, but my husband and daughter as well.

Once I was in surgical holding, the nurse, Bill, was caring and paid a lot of attention to his task, even though he was multitasking. He was extremely organized and well prepared for the patients he was working with.

In my room on 3 West, again my family and I were greeted by some of the most wonderful nurses and PCAs. They were caring, friendly, and answered questions that I and my family had. They told me what to expect and were always there if there was a need or a question.

I would like to mention and send a big thank you to Crystal, Tammy, Caitlin, Lorretta, and Jen. Great nursing staff!

Your facility is very neat and clean, and every effort seems to be made by all of the staff to keep it that way.

Thank you again. I will definitely be spreading the news of the great stay and the wonderful facility.

– Christine

Carolyn CarterFollowing her admission to Sisters Hospital and rehabilitation at  St. Catherine Labouré Health Care Center, Carolyn lost over 125 pounds and can now walk on her own and even climb stairs.

“I owe this all to Sisters Hospital and St. Catherine’s because if they didn’t help me I don’t know where I’d be today," She said.

Click here to read Carolyn's story.

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