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Sisters of Charity Hospital Emergency Department


2157 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14214

Main Number

(716) 862-1000

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The Emergency Department at Sisters of Charity Hospital treats more than 33,300 patients each year.

Equipped with the latest lifesaving medical technology, our newly renovated Emergency Department is available around-the-clock to treat any emergency.

Our private patient rooms are equipped with:

  • flat screen TVs,
  • internet access,
  • integrated cardiac monitoring systems, and
  • bedside computers for electronic medical records, keeping your medical records connected to your primary care physician.

Other features of the new ER facility, designed by Kideney Architects, include:

  • increased off-street parking;
  • a new patient entrance with ground level elevator access;
  • expanded ambulance entrance with overhead coverage and heated pavement;
  • centralized nurses stations with easy access to treatment rooms;
  • private registration and triage rooms; and
  • an expanded waiting room.

The renovations also decrease wait times, as we've doubled the number of patient rooms and improved ambulance access and flow.

Wait Times

Your time in the Emergency Department depends on many factors:

  • the complexity of your condition
  • the types of tests ordered to diagnose your condition
  • the patient volume and activity level of the Emergency Department

We will do our best to keep you and your loved ones informed and comfortable during your stay with us.

I received excellent care in the emergency room and on the floor when admitted.

It was an hour and a half drive there but it was worth it for the exceptional care!

Thank you!

– Amy Goode

My grandmother was admitted to the ER, and never in my experience have I ever been so pleased with the care!

I wanted to say many words of thanks to PCN Sonya and Nurse Jim.

Sonya was so personable, she made my entire family feel comfortable. I felt like I was leaving my grandmother in the care of family.

Nurse Jim took the time to explain everything that he was doing – the good, the bad and what was possible. At 40 years old, he made me want to change my profession and go into medicine.

At a time when your loved one is ill, anxiety is high – the care, time and grace displayed by these two individuals was paramount. Please give them many, many thanks from my entire family. They're an asset to Sisters Hospital and truly deserve to be recognized for a job superbly done!

– Tashia

When You Arrive

Patients in the ER are seen based on the seriousness of their illness, not the time of arrival.


When you arrive in the ER for care, either by ambulance or private transportation, your treatment begins when you first speak to a triage nurse about your condition. The triage nurse will take some preliminary information, including the reason for your visit, a brief medical history, and a list of any medications you are taking. He or she will also take your temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure and assign you to a section of the ER most appropriate to handle your condition.


Following triage, a registration clerk will record some basic medical and insurance information. If you are a former patient, some of this data may already be in the computer system. However, you may be asked to verify its accuracy. If you are too ill, a family member or friend may do this for you. The clerk will ask you or a family member to sign a consent form giving our medical team permission to treat you.


Only two (2) visitors will be allowed per patient at one time due to space limitations and to protect patient privacy. 

Visitors must be at least 14 years old. Please make sure younger children are properly supervised in the waiting room.

Cell Phones

Cell phone usage is prohibited in patient care areas. There are designated areas for cell phone use. A public pay phone is available for visitor use in the waiting room.

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