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Our patients have told us that Mercy Hospital has made a dramatic impact on their lives. We're pleased to share their stories with you.

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I came to the Emergency room with severe chest pains. It turns out that I was in the midst of a heart attack.

I was immediately taken in and given excellent care from the ER staff, and I was then put into a room. The cardiologist and staff did a superb job. I had an angioplasty and a stent put in before I knew what was happening. I can tell you that the instant it was done, I felt the difference physically.

Having a heart attack at age 47 is a scary thing, but I truly felt that I was given the best care in Western New York.

– Louis Croce

The pediatric unit at Mercy Hospital is outstanding.

I live in Lockport and would much rather make the drive there than to take my kids to Children's. The care is outstanding and the hospital is very clean and updated.

My 11 yr. old recieves Remicade infusions and was petrified of needles when we started. Everyone in the unit was so kind and patient with her that she is no longer scared at all.

Thank you so much!

– Karen Casalinuovo

I was admitted for observation due to respiratory issues and abnormal tests.

I was consulted by Dr. Moser. He examined me and checked my past and recent results and determined that I was having a heart attack. I cannot say how much he impressed me with his swift, caring attention to my situation. He is an excellent physician.

I was sent for emergency cardiac cath lab care, and I have no words to say how well Dr. Gelormini and the nursing and tech staff cared for me. I don't believe it could have been any better.

The nursing and support staff that I encountered throughout my stay were exceptional. The RNs, aides,  porters and housekeepers were a pleasure to meet. I have to say from past experience that I was completely and pleasantly surprised. I have only great things to say about all who I have mentioned.

I would not hesitate to return to Mercy Hospital, but hopefully I won't have to.

– Donna Fucina

I had a wonderful experience at Mercy Hospital.

I gave birth to my first son on February 17th 2012, and now, looking back on that memoriable day, I smile. I was treated so well, and I recommend Mercy to everyone I know. I had to drive 50 minutes to get there, but it was worth it. Thank you to the Maternity/Labor staff and all the girls in the nursery.

– Alisha

I brought my younger sister to Mercy Hospital for an aortic angiogram/angioplasty. The staff couldn't have been more nice.

Everyone was wonderful: the staff who cared for her, the people at the information desk who helped me to find my way around, and the people in the halls who helped when I was going the wrong way.

She received excellent care from her nurses on the 7th floor and the doctors and nurses in the catheterization lab. How about the uniformed waiters who deliver meals – that's a class operation – and the food she was served was delicious.

Thank you for being so caring of someone who was scared to death of the procedure.

– Diana

I did a sleep study at Mercy Hospital last night and just wanted to say thanks for the excellent care.

Brian, who administered the study, was excellent at explaining the test and answering my questions. He has a great bedside manor and was just very helpful. He is exactly the kind of guy you want at the hospital, as he is very patient oriented and caring. I would recommend your facility to anyone whole heartedly.

Thank you.

– Mark

I stayed overnight on 6west after having a hysterectomy by Dr. Zuccala.

I am writing to stay that I couldn't be more pleased about the wonderful care I received. From the nurses at the pre-surgery appointment to the awesome nurses and aides who helped me in my room, I couldn't be happier.

The nurse in the ASU unit was amazing and gentle and answered all my questions.

The nurses on 6west, including Sue, Nancy, Jen, Molly, Crista, and Judy, were great. They treated me like I was one of their family members. They were nice and friendly and were constantly asking how they could help. I am so appreciative of their care.

I was very nervous about this surgery. Dr. Zuccala was fantastic about explaining everything, and the operating room nurses were so caring too.

I couldn't ask for a better experience. Thank you.

– Debbie

To the dream team of doctors and nurses who took great care of me: you all saved my life.

Without you, I would not be here today. Mercy Hospital is a very good hospital with caring staff. The greatest hospital ever. Me and my family thank you.

– Lela S. Latour

I was a September patient in the catheterization ward and went through the procedure and rested afterwards.

The staff was outstanding and made my stay as good as it could be. I'll be undergoing open heart surgery in October, and I hope they can help me again.

– Mike Dyer

My doctor didn't arrive on time, and I was having a natural birth. The women who delivered my daughter helped me through my contractions, and they delivered my baby.

it was a good experience for me. The nurses in recovery were so helpful and kind. They gave me things to help with the pain and helped me into bed. They helped with everything! It was a great time for me and my family.

I wanted a home birth, but my husband wanted to go to the hospital, and I'm glad we did – best hospital I've ever been to.

Even after I was discharged, they sent me home with a nurse who was caring and made sure I was feeling okay and that my daughter was okay.

I could go on and on about how great my stay was there and how helpful and friendly the nurses were, but I'd end up sitting here for hours writing! Just amazing.

I will be coming to Mercy Hospital for any of my hospital needs, and I live an hour away. There's a hospital  down the street from me, but they couldn't top mercy if they tried. I'd drive 5 hours to go to Mercy, it's that good!

Thank you so much for your hospitality, caring, help, and everything else. The people here really do care about the paitents!

Thank you again so much. It couldn't have been any better!

– Jessica Fulmer

I came to your Emergency Room from my doctor's office for a possible appendicitis.

I was very pleased with the prompt and personal care I received. Drew Peterson, PA and Tracey, RN took a great deal of time with me to keep me up-to-date and informed about my condition.

Drew and Tracey, thank you for your dedication to your professions. It is special individuals like the two of you who make emergencies easier to handle.

I'm recovering well from my appendectomy and am looking forward to returning to work.

Thanks again.

– Karen

I wanted to take the time to give positive feedback on the care I received at your facility.

The staff on the 8th floor were exceptional – from the nurses, aides, transportation, dieatary services and I could go on.

I have had plenty of other hospitals stays at this facility and others in the Buffalo area, and this was the best group I have ever dealt with. The nurses were very compassionate and understanding and tried their best to make me comfortable during my stay. I have two that I would like to name and they are Lisa K. and Ezra (sp). They were kind, caring, understanding, compassionate, good listeners, and true professionals.

I want to thank everyone there who made a miserable situation more palatable.

– Andrea

Last year, my unborn baby girl died; only a few weeks after I lost my dad.

My doctor wasn’t on call that night, yet I cried out for her. I needed my doctor, Dr. Catherine Falkner – no other would do. One of the nurses called my doctor at home and told her what had happened. She got out of bed and drove to the hospital to be there for and with me. She did my c-section that night.

My doctor was/is one of the best, caring and most authentic doctors I have ever met. One night while I was still in the hospital, my doctor came to my room to check on me. She sat with me for hours and we talked about and processed my feelings and thoughts and her feelings and thoughts related to our loss. Her presence and her words and palpable grief confirmed what I already knew to be true, this was her loss too.

As the one year anniversary of my baby's death approaches, I feel an overwhelming awareness of how lucky I am/was to have this woman as my doctor. She is/was the person and spirit that I needed so that I would be able to safely accept and process my grief. I am keenly aware that if I had a different doctor, I would have processed this experience in a very different way.

There are no words that can express how thankful I am for Dr. Catherine Falkner.

– Amy

I was in the Critical Care Unit after having a heart attack and stent surgery.

My nurse that day was a man named Nick. I would like to say he is an asset that the hospital should be proud of. He was very kind and comforting and helped me a lot, both physically and mentally, to start my recovery. Nick was my angel that day.

– David Reinard

We just returned home from an unexpected overnight stay, after discovering at 17 weeks that my baby did not have a heartbeat.

Words cannot describe how truly wonderful every single person was to us. I am not sure of every single person's name, but Mary, Linda, Pam, Dr. Lynn Aronica (and MANY more) helped to make a very difficult time a little less difficult. They made us feel as if we were their family! And they also made us feel as if we were their only patients.

We just felt compelled to write because we simply cannot express enough thanks to our support group on that Labor and Delivery floor. Thank you so much.

– Amy Jackson

Thank you to all the wonderful nurses and nurses aides on the 5th floor who went out of their way to make my hospital stay comfortable and worry-free.

Their compassion, knowledge, kindness and dedication to their profession was way and above what is expected. I had a cardiac angio, and as scared as I was, they were compassionate and most of all reassuring.

Thank you again each and everyone. You guys on the 5th floor are the BEST!

– Mary

I came to your hospital feeling nervous and anxious.

I received a cardiac angiogram on an outpatient basis. Julie, the nurse who cared for me on the 7th floor, was strong, yet gentle – something I'll always remember. I know there were others that day, but she stood out. She ran all day long. What a person. I will be returning to surgery, and I hope and pray that I get a nurse as kind as she.

– Robert Goraj

I want to commend Kelly Gilchrist, a nurse in the Emergency Room at Mercy Hospital.

She is an excellent nurse, both efficient and smart when dealing with patients. I know this first hand, as my dad was taken to the Emergency Room this week per the request of his visiting nurse. He has multiple medical issues and needs the kind of care that he received from Kelly. I want to compliment her and let the hospital know what a great nurse she is!

– Linda

The Mercy Hospital maternity ward was really nice!

It was comfy and clean. The staff was amazing; they helped as much as they could. They have a really great hospital – best I've ever been to.

– Jessica

In a world where relationships change and people drift apart, I know the staff of Mercy Hospital share a closeness that goes beyond that.

I have never been in a hospital setting like yours where everyone sets aside their pain to attend to others with compassion, with words of "How can I help you?" and "No problem" – a smile in their voices and a glow in their eyes of real love for each patient they encounter. Never once did I hear a strain in anyone’s voice.

The staff at Mercy is the best – the doctors, Intensive Care Unit, nurses, aides, Rehab Unit, therapist, Food Services, housekeeping, and transporters: wow!

I have witnessed Mercy, Grace and Love from my Father, for I know it was His arms holding me during my pain and trauma, and I know it was his Love working through you that allowed me to totally recall that night, to show His works and live to tell it.

– Jackie

On New Year's Eve, I was a patient in the ER.

The nurse who was assigned to me was Katie, and she was the sweetest, most knowledgeable, and most efficient nurse I have ever encountered. Don't ever let her leave your facility!

– Virginia Boniface

My father was experiencing arm pain and went to Mercy Hospital and Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

He went to Mercy Hospital for tests that confirmed he needed a stint. I have been to many hospitals, and I can say that we have never been treated better – from the people at the information desk, to the doctor and nurses. People were very friendly and answered all the questions asked. It was a comforting experience. I would not hesitate to come back.

– Mark

Halloween of 2011 was my first time at Mercy Hospital, and although I hope there is never reason for me to go to the ER again, if there is, I will be going to Mercy.

The staff was excellent, and worked very quickly to help me. Physician Assistant Paulette Ziomek was great! She listened carefully, and in my time of discomfort worked quickly and efficiently to reduce the pain.

The nurses were just as wonderful. The receptionist or "greeter," Jackie, was kind, caring, and answered a question my boyfriend and I had about a local pharmacy.

The atmosphere was beautiful. It was clean and set-up nicely.

Thank you so much for making what was a horrible, uncomfortable evening into a more relaxing hospital visit! Keep up the great patient care!

– Megan M.

I have been a patient of Mercy Hospital for most of my life. Although most of my experiences at Mercy have been with relatives, in the last 6 months, I have been a patient of yours for different reasons.

I have nothing but praise for all facets of your hospital, from the doctors and nurses all the way to the valet attendants.

The facility is beautiful and professional. Thank you so much for your continuous excellent service. God bless.

– Dan S.

While we were on a family vacation, my dad got the news that he would have to undergo open heart surgery. He's in his mid-fifties and in great shape, so it was a shock.

I'm so glad that he decided to have the procedure at Mercy Hospital. Everyone at Mercy was excellent. I really felt that people went out of their way to be kind and to keep us informed at all times.

The nurses were especially attentive to my dad's comfort in the days following the operation.

It has been about four weeks since the surgery, and he looks and feels great. Thank you to everyone at Mercy – not only for the successful surgery and excellent care my dad received, but for making a scary situation easier for me and my family.

– Carly

In both of my pregnancies, I had problems going into to pre-term labor.

In 2006, my son was born on his actual birth date but was having issues with his temperature regulating. The nurses in Mercy Hospital's NICU were wonderful. They let me come in and sit with him and helped me to walk around with him.

When my daughter was born in 2010, the care was wonderful again. I was scared because she was born a month early, but the nurses on the floor really supported me through the process.

Also in 2010, I had emergency surgery and was at the hospital for 7 days. They were great with the care in the emergency room and with getting right down to surgery. I had some setbacks, but they were wonderful and stood by my side, especially for pain management. I am sensitive to medications, and they worked with me to find things to help me get back on my feet! The nurses were kind and warm. Great job!

– Erin

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