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People in the community have told us that Kenmore Mercy has made a dramatic impact on their lives. We're pleased to share their stories with you.

Has Kenmore Mercy Hospital affected your life? Tell us your story. 

I was admitted to the ambulatory surgery unit for a lumbar lamenotomy.

I was so fortunate to have Joanne Luciani as my pre- and post-surgery nurse. She was both kind and professional. A great nurse! My entire experience at Kenmore Mercy Hospital was unexpectedly pleasant.

– Patricia

The free e-cards are a wonderful idea!

How nice to offer something so simple, but so important to the patients you serve.

– Carol Peszko

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What a magical experience.

I was on 2 West for a week. Every single person on staff was incredible – Nurses Gwen, Lisa, Jessica, Lydia, Linda, all of the aides, the nice folks who cleaned my room, and especially Nanci, the spiritual care reverend. It was wonderful to have her support; she even lent me her CD player to play nature music. The doctors, everyone – thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much much warmth and best wishes,

– Patti Meyer-Lee

I felt an irregular heartbeat and was admitted to Kenmore Mercy Hospital after a day in the emergency room.

I was admitted to the cardiac floor and was first taken care of by Dominic and Arthur, two wonderful male nurses who had an amazing sense of humor. They not only made me feel comfortable, but they did the same for my family. They gave me the utmost of care, and you can tell that they really love their job and care about the patients.

On Monday, I was taken care of by nurse Ellen Rusch. This woman is amazing at what she does. She was being pulled in many different directions, and she kept a cool head and did her job professionally and quickly. I even heard her ask a very elderly patient if she wanted help with her ice cream. I don't think you would find many nurses who would do that. She has a genuine love for her patients and should be commended for her amazing job. I wish there were more nurses like her in the field. She was approachable and seemed like someone you could easily be friends with.

I am appreciative of everyone in the hospital who took care of me. Also, everyone smelled so good, and that is a plus.

Thank you.

– Margaret Frazon

My mom had a recent blood transfusion at Kenmore Mercy Hospital. As a former employee, I just wanted to say thank you.

It is always comforting to know that I can count on your staff to provide excellent care. Although I could not be with her on that particular day, I knew she was in good hands. Kenmore Mercy still feels like "home" to me. Thank you!

– Renee

It was my first visit to your facility yesterday, and I was impressed by how clean the hospital was, as well as how nice every single staff person that I met was.

From the volunteer desk to the pre-admission process, every staff person identified themselves and told me what they were going to be doing. It was very reassuring and much appreciated.

I am having surgery next month and am very grateful my doctor works out of your facility.

Thank you for having such great staff.

– Francine

My father went to Kenmore Mercy after Thanksgiving with arm pain.

He went to Mercy Hospital for tests that confirmed he needed a stint. I have been to many hospitals, and I can say that we have never been treated better – from the people at the information desk, to the doctor and nurses. People were very friendly and answered all the questions asked. It was a comforting experience. I would not hesitate to come back.

– Mark

My mother was on 2 West when she passed away. I cannot express how wonderful and caring everyone on that floor treated my mom and the family.

It was like being surrounded by family members. We were truly blessed to be cared for by all of them. Thank you all for everything. 

– Sally

I visited the ER for an injury I sustained in a fall.

I went to an urgent care center because I felt that it might be more appropriate, and it was closed!

From the receptionist to the charge nurse, physician assistant (Patrick Macdiamond), x-ray technician, healthcare assistant (Eric) – everyone treated me in a warm and professional manner. The ER was clean, organized and quiet. I was very impressed.

I visit area hospitals as part of my job, and the Kenmore Mercy Hospital ER performed way above my expectations. Kudos to the staff!

– Catherine 

I just wanted to say thank you to your Emergency Department, in particular Dr. Barone and Dennis (didn't get his last name), the nurse.

Both of these men tended to my mother a few weeks ago when she ended up in the emergency room after a fall. Both were kind and very attentive to her during her stay.

She received excellent care, and all of our questions were answered. I really want to thank these two gentlemen for their high quality of care.

– Jeanne

I want to thank the incredible team of caring people who are helping my mother-in-law with a terminal illness at Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

She has been there for over a week, and I can honestly say that all of her healthcare professionals have been wonderful. She feels safe and well cared for.

We had family come in from out of town and wanted to have a dinner that included my mother-in-law. Kathy Ashbery in administration was very helpful in arranging a room for us to have a meal all together. She went above and beyond to help our family have a memorable event.

Thank you.

– Jodi

My mother-in-law had her second knee replacement at Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

Everything went very well and the staff was exceptional in their after care.

– Paul

I was born at Kenmore Mercy Hospital in 1959.

Kathy NovoI worked in the hospital kitchen in 1977, as I entered college for Respiratory Therapy. Shortly after, I applied for a job in Respiratory Therapy and was hired while attending school. I worked the night shift for 23 years, and then came to days 11 years ago, totaling 34 years of service.

I've called in sick only 3 times in all those years.

I grew up feeling like all of the doctors, nurses and staff were my brothers and sisters. Kenmore Mercy Hospital has been very good to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to run the wellness center.

Thank you Kenmore Mercy for almost 35 years!

– Kathy

My connection to Kenmore Mercy Hospital goes back to the 1950s when the hospital was brand new.

As a high school student at Mt. St. Mary Academy, I worked as a nurses aide with my twin sister. 

I was assigned to the pharmacy, which at that time was on the 5th floor. My duties included assisting pharmacist Sr. Gertrude to wash the glass bottles that were used for patient care-IV's, meds, etc.

My sister worked in the Emergency Department. She assisted Sr. Annunciata by taking patient histories.

We always worked the same hours so that we could ride the bus together.

My experience at Kenmore Mercy Hosptial is one of the reasons why I chose to become a nurse.

I went on to study at Sisters of Charity Hospital School of Nursing School (Class of 1959), and I then worked for Catholic Health at Sisters Hospital and McAuley Nursing Home.

I returned to Kenmore Mercy Hospital as a patient in the early 1980s. As a surgical patient, I experienced several areas of the hospital. All of the staff was caring and willing to assist me with any request no matter how small.

Congratulations Kenmore Mercy Hospital on being a wonderful oasis of caring for our Ken-Ton community!

– Jane

Fear struck first when I took my wife to the ER at Kenmore Mercy Hospital. I could see the pain and terror on her face. It took all I had to control my own emotions.

Natasha Calato was the RN that night. She scrambled about, not wasting any time hooking up an IV and reassuring us that everything would be fine. This woman is a credit to her profession. Yes, the ER doctor was caring; all the physicians were. Everyone was polite, but Natasha had a special quality. Of all the people we met over the next 15 hours, there was that extra emphasis on her care that made all the difference. I have nominated her for the LOVE award, and she deserves that and so much more.

Kenmore Mercy Hospital is a class facility with a employees of a high caliber. Rest assured, if we need care again, this is the place we will go to. From the hospital administrator to the staff of doctors, to the nurses, housekeeping, food services, all of you: congrats on a job well done!

– John

I am a recent employee of the Kenmore Mercy Foundation.

Kenmore Mercy was one of the best places that I was employed before I retired in 2009. The employees at Kenmore Mercy Hospital are fantastic folks. They really do care and know how to take care of their patients.

Miss you guys!

– Ken

My husband, Colin, and I were living at Pullman Ave, in Kenmore NY. On Sunday, we walked to St. Andrew’s Church and passed by Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

Colin and the oak tree at Kenmore Mercy HospitalIn front of the hospital, a big, beautiful oak tree stretched two long branches towards the sidewalk. Colin fell in love with the tree and always touched the longest branch. I couldn’t reach so high.

Pictures of Colin next to the tree decorated the walls of his computer room.

As time went on, we noticed that the oak tree started to look unhealthy. More and more branches were without green leaves. Its health would mirror Colin’s own.

In 2009, Colin was diagnosed with prostate cancer. For about a year and a half, he underwent hormone therapy, but the cancer had moved to his bones. Radiation treatments were not able to stop the aggression of the cancer, and on January 8, 2011, Colin died. He was a patient at Kenmore Mercy Hospital and ended his life under hospice care.

Colin and I were married for 13 years. And I keep him in my heart as I walk by the hospital and the oak tree and reach for Colin’s branch. There are no more green leaves, and I wonder if Colin and his tree have met in Heaven.

– Wanda

The maternity ward was just opened in 1952.

According to my mother, I was the first preemie and the first baby in the incubator at the hospital. I was born on April 20, 1952.

– LaVerne

Virgin Mary StatueWhen I was a little girl, I lived on Kenview, just across from Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

I believed with my whole heart that the beautiful statue on top of the hospital was my tooth fairy, so whenever I lost a tooth, she would come down to me and leave a little present.

Of course, later on I learned that the beautiful statue was the Virgin Mary. I still get a chuckle when I see it.

Congratulations Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

– Suzanne

My grandmother retired from Kenmore Mercy, and now I have been employed here for 4 years.

Also,  my mother had surgery at Kenmore Mercy last year and was very happy with the care that she recieved.

– Tammy

Some of my fondest memories of Kenmore Mercy Hospital are from deliveries with Roz Killinger and the other Obstetrics nurses.

Loving newborn care was given by Kathy Skipper and the other Maternity nurses at the 4th floor Labor & Delivery Unit.

These nurses were so knowlegable and professional. Labor and Delivery made Kenmore Mercy Hospital a complete community hospital.

Sister JoelMr. Redding and Sister Joel were such kind and sincere people that employees felt like they were family, in a place that was cared for and run like a small family business.

They knew the employees personally and knew a lot about their families as well. They were firm but very kind leaders.

Dr. Sullivan was an exceptional leader and example for the medical staff. He was the unfailing picture of professionalism and had a heart of gold.

I wanted to be the best I could be, not just for the patients and for myself, but I would never want to feel like I let Dr. Sullivan down. He inspired that in me.

– Pete

My father was a patient at Kenmore Mercy Hospital in 2009.

He had been diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a frightening time for all of us. The care and compassion he received while a patient at Kenmore Mercy was extraordinary. He told our family how the nurse on duty would sit with him and listen to his stories and concerns. They held his hand and helped him through a very difficult time, even giving him a nickname: “blue eyes.”

Congratulations on 60 years. May you enjoy 60 more.

– Jan

I was an Operating Room Tech student in 1974-75.

I was doing my clinicals at Kenmore Mercy Hospital and was very impressed with the Sister who was the Director of Surgery at that time. She and her staff were just the best! Everyone was terrific there – from the way they treated each patient with respect to the way they pulled together in a emergency.

I will never forget the wonderful nurses in that department.

– Donna

In 1957, a few days into the summer after 8th grade, my brother and I had an accident with the lawn mower.

I was rushed to Kenmore Mercy Hospital with a deep cut in my right toe. After being taken care of, arrangements were made for me to return to the emergency room daily for a week and every few days after that.

Sr. Mary AnnunciataOn the second visit, I met Sr. Mary Annunciata, a Sister of Mercy. She was very gentle, caring and seemed to take an interest in me. All of this prompted me to ask for her to subsequently change my bandages.

After another visit or two, I revealed to her that my family was Catholic but had not been to church in seven years. Through Sister’s persistent encouragement, I enrolled in Catholic high school as a freshman that September. During that year, I stopped into the ER periodically to update Sister on my life. She always showed an interest in what I had to say. Within a year, my family returned to Church.

A year or so later, I saw a small piece in the paper announcing an open house at the hospital for anyone interested in pursuing a medical career. I took the tour and was invited by Sr. Marceline to revisit and observe in the laboratory since I had an interest in the lab. I appreciated her generous offer and took her up on it for a few visits.

At another time, I helped Sr. Mectilde for a few hours after school. Though Sister looked a bit stern, in working for her saw that her smile was warm and her manor gentle.

These kindnesses changed the direction of my life in many ways. I became a healthcare professional and spent 40 years as a provider, manager and educator in the field that I chose. My experiences at Kenmore Mercy Hospital and with the Sisters of Mercy were positive influences.

Sister Annunciata remained patient and kind and became a good mentor and friend. 

– Mary

After a battery of tests, violist Leslie Balher was diagnosed with a left frontal hemorrhagic mass, a stroke-like condition.

Leslie BalherTo help in her recovery, a good friend recommended the Medical Rehabilitation Unit (MRU) at Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

During her stay in the MRU, physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Bahler every day to help her regain strength and motor skills. She learned to dress, bathe, and even to sing again. Eventually, her husband Peter brought in her viola, and she slowly relearned the instrument she had played for decades.

“This was an amazing journey, a terrifying journey, and a wonderful journey,” Bahler told hospital staff. “You guys really took me from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can.’”

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