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Kenmore Mercy Hospital Emergency Department


2950 Elmwood Avenue
Kenmore, NY 14217

Main Number

(716) 447-6100

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The Emergency Department at Kenmore Mercy Hospital treats more than 26,000 patients each year.

Equipped with the latest lifesaving medical technology, our Emergency Department is available around-the-clock to treat any emergency.

After undergoing rennovations, the new 24,000 square-foot unit is nearly two times larger than Kenmore Mercy’s original Emergency Department; it opened to patients on July 31, 2013.

When You Arrive

Patients in the ER are seen based on the seriousness of their illness, not the time of arrival.


When you arrive in the ER for care, either by ambulance or private transportation, your treatment begins when you first speak to a triage nurse about your condition. The triage nurse will take some preliminary information, including the reason for your visit, a brief medical history, and a list of any medications you are taking. He or she will also take your temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure and assign you to a section of the ER most appropriate to handle your condition. Please ask the triage nurse before eating any food or drinking any beverage.


Following triage, a registration clerk will record some basic medical and insurance information. If you are a former patient, some of this data may already be in the computer system. However, you may be asked to verify its accuracy. If you are too ill, a family member or friend may do this for you. The clerk will ask you or a family member to sign a consent form giving our medical team permission to treat you.

I visited the ER for an injury I sustained in a fall.

I went to an urgent care center because I felt that it might be more appropriate, and it was closed!

From the receptionist to the charge nurse, physician assistant (Patrick Macdiamond), x-ray technician, healthcare assistant (Eric) – everyone treated me in a warm and professional manner. The ER was clean, organized and quiet. I was very impressed.

I visit area hospitals as part of my job, and the Kenmore Mercy Hospital ER performed way above my expectations. Kudos to the staff!

– Catherine 



Depending on the degree of the illness or injury, patients are brought to different areas within the Emergency Department. Our Emergency Department is separated into two treatment areas. SuperTrack (our non-acute area of the Emergency Department) and the acute care section, and both utilize the same entrance. SuperTrack provides rapid assessment and treatment of minor medical problems that do not require emergent attention.

Exam Rooms

Those not treated in SuperTrack area may have more serious issues and require a more intense work up in our other treatment rooms. The department features a “racetrack” design with a central nurses’ station encircled by 25 private patient examination rooms, including resuscitation rooms, a bariatric room, and decontamination room. The open center-core design allows for visibility into patient rooms while still maintaining an appropriate amount of privacy. All of the exam rooms have surgical lighting and are multi functional with curtains and sliding glass doors to assure privacy.

Resuscitation Rooms

Two new resuscitation rooms house state-of-the-art equipment where some of our most critical patients will be given emergency care.

Bariatric Room

One of the realities of American medicine is that more and more patients who are morbidly obese are among those who need care in the emergency department. To aid them, the bariatric room has a bed and hoist system capable of lifting a person weighing up to 1,000 pounds.

Seclusion Treatment Room

Also available is a seclusion treatment room for hostile and dangerous patients. The treatment room is private from the inside of the hospital, allowing no one to enter or exit the room without a key. Everything in the room can be locked too, secure, for improved patient safety.

Decontamination Suite

People who are contaminated and are also ill or injured can be brought directly into the Emergency Department’s Decontamination Suite. The two decon room has a door to the outside and a ventilation system that is separate from the hospital’s system. The patient can be decontaminated in one of the decon rooms and then brought into the Emergency Department for treatment with confidence that any threat of contaminating other patients in the Emergency Department has been eliminated. Also, interesting to note, this is a negative air pressure room to protect against the spread of infection.


Only two (2) visitors will be allowed per patient at one time due to space limitations and to protect patient privacy.
Visitors must be at least 14 years old. Please make sure younger children are properly supervised in the waiting room.

Cell Phones

Cell phone usage is prohibited in patient care areas of the Emergency Department. There are designated areas for cell phone use. A public pay phone is available for visitor use in the waiting room.


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