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Buffalo is the second largest city in New York State with a population of approximately 1.3 million people in the surrounding metropolitan area.

Residents of Western New York can enjoy the cosmopolitan lifestyle of cities such as Buffalo and Niagara Falls, combined with the small town character of quaint communities nestled into the surrounding countryside. And just across the Peace Bridge from downtown Buffalo, Canada brings an international flair to the area, including the excitement of Toronto, a mere 90 minutes away.

Watch the 6-minute video below, produced by the Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitors Bureau, to learn more about our city: 

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Affordable Housing

Buffalo enjoys a mixed and thriving economy with a moderate cost of living. Housing costs in Western New York are among the lowest in the Northeast with a broad selection of affordable houses, apartments and condominiums. 

Click here to compare the cost of living in your current city with that of Buffalo-Niagara.

Quality Education

Western New York is home to a variety of educational institutions for students of all levels.

Cultural Attractions

Residents of Western New York enjoy cultural resources such as museums, art galleries, theaters and more. For information about Buffalo's attractions, visit the websites below:

Professional Sports

For sports fans, Western New York offers the National Football League's Buffalo Bills and the National Hockey League's Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres play in a state-of-the-art sports complex in downtown Buffalo. 

An Ideal Climate

Contrary to its snow-bound reputation, Buffalo has some of the most pleasant weather in the Northeast. Lake Erie moderates the temperature, cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. The lake is responsible for the famous snowstorms equated with Buffalo, which fall mostly in the hills south of the city.

Buffalo and Western New York have some of the best summer weather in the country, with plenty of sunshine and warm breezes to complement outdoor activities.

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