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Anthony R. Pivarunas, DO
Department Chair and Residency Program Director

Chad Strittmatter, MD
Director OB/GYN Ambulatory Services
Associate Program Director, Residency Program

Robert Dukarm, MD
Director, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Specialty: Neonatology

Bruce Rodgers, MD
Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine; Specialty: Maternal Fetal Medicine

Paul Karas, MD
Director, Obstetrical Anesthesia; Specialty: Anesthesia

Howard A. Lippes, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and OB/GYN; Specialty: Endocrinology

Judine Davis, MD
Supervising Attending Physician

Ji Young Lee, MD
Supervising Attending Physician

David L. Marchetti, MD
Specialty: Gynecologic Oncologist

Stacey N. Akers, MD
Specialty: Gynecologic Oncologist

John Hall, MD
Specialty: Endocrinology

Jack Lawler, MD
Specialty: Maternal Fetal Medicine

Margaret McDonnell, MD
Specialty: Maternal Fetal Medicine

Thomas F. Riley, MD
Specialty: Neonatology

George P. Albert, MD
Specialty: Neonatology

Kamal Singhal, MD
Specialty: Neonatology

Megan K. Tracy, MD
Specialty: Neonatology

Michelle Marinello, PhD
Specialty: Perinatal Genetics

Active Clinical Faculty

  • Adel Chouchani, MD
  • Gabriel Chouchani, MD
  • Christian Chouchani, MD
  • Jeffrey C. Constantine, MD
  • Michele Frech, DO
  • Julie Gavin, MD
  • Lisa Gelman, MD
  • John Hellriegel, Jr., MD, PhD
  • Rosann Lana, MD
  • Emmekunla Nylander, MD
  • Magdi Sayegh, MD
  • Ashwina Sheth, MD
  • Mark Weissman, MD
  • Emily Williams, MD
  • Paul Wopperer, MD