Health Sciences Charter School is an Opportunity of a Lifetime for Cullan Donnelly

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March 3, 2014

"Since healthcare is my chosen field, Health Sciences Charter School has truly been an opportunity of a lifetime," said student Cullan Donnelly.

"Over my past three and a half years at Health Sciences, I believe I have been in every hospital in Buffalo, have shaken hands with people that may very well be my employer someday, and even been able to shadow physicians for entire days during quarterly programs that we call MASH Camps.”

"Imagining what a specific health care worker does and actually being able to see what they do can either strengthen or completely change what you think you want to do for the rest of your life. I know many peers that have discovered a whole new career that you never even knew about during MASH Camps. Many students have to wait until they are in college and pay money and student loans to see careers that they may not have even seen in action yet, but I’ve had those experiences since my first month of my freshman year."

As a junior last year at Health Sciences Charter School, Donnelly was enrolled in the Internship Prep Class, where he learned about resume creation and interview skills, and spent the rest of the year in hospitals.

"During my time in the Internship Prep Class, Nancy Preskop of Catholic Health’s Human Resources Department, spent time regularly to come and teach us about the essentials of customer service and time management through her own teaching methods. For instance, she taught us to always give extra 'pickles', which was a reference from one of her lessons to always give a little extra with each task to provide the best service possible. We were then assigned to jot down any pickles that we give on our regular days in and out of school. That experience was eye opening for most of us, because we learned how much we do for people on a normal day and don’t realize it, like keeping a door open for someone or even just lending a pencil."

Donnelly interned in the patient transport department at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He enjoyed the experience so much that he searched for opportunities in other hospitals where he could work with people and patients.

"Through the guidance and mentoring of Mike Moley and Victor Ramirez at Catholic Health, I was able to spend an entire summer shadowing Dr. Richard Ruh at Sisters of Charity Hospital and volunteering at Kenmore Mercy Hospital, where I was able to work with more people to learn more about a hospital’s interworking and even more about myself. In the fall of 2013, they invited me to attend a Cardiovascular Symposium, where I met doctors throughout Western New York and learned about new and interesting procedures."

"I firmly believe that no one wakes up ready to be a doctor, but they can wake up with a passion, and though my experiences with Catholic Health, my interests have become something that I feel genuinely about. Now, in 2014, with much guidance and support from Human Resources at Catholic Health, I am now an employee at Sisters of Charity Hospital in the Patient Transport Department. This new position was made possible due to my connections through Health Sciences Charter School and Catholic Health; my dreams of pursuing a career as a physician have become another step closer to reality."