Raising the Roof, Preparing to Care

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April 10, 2013

Ambulance BayConstruction of Kenmore Mercy Hospital’s new Emergency Department has been moving along rapidly since it’s topping off in December.  

The busy work site is showing great progress both inside and outside. With majority of the exterior work complete, crews can now concentrate on tasks inside the structure without being affected by external weather elements. This phase of the project and all the small details will be very time-consuming work.

According to Walt Ludwig, Chief Operating Officer at Kenmore Mercy, “The walls are up on the outside and they're nearly done putting up the bricks on the outside of the building.”

“What people can't see is what's happening on the inside. We have all of our metal studs going up to form the rooms. We're also insulating the walls, adding electrical, and anticipate installing windows soon,” he added. 

The new ER will be two times larger than the existing emergency room, and will be able to accommodate 40,000 visits per year, whereas the existing ER is only built to accommodate 15,000 visits yearly.

The new building is expected to open some point in July.  At that time, the new Emergency Department will move into the new area. 

During construction, all hospital and ER services are operating as usual.