Mercy Hospital Opens New Dialysis Access Center

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November 21, 2013

Staff celebrates the opening of the Dialysis Access Center.

It is estimated that 1,300 people in the Buffalo region require dialysis treatment for kidney failure – a number that continues to increase by about 12% annually. In response to the growing need for vascular access services, Mercy Hospital has opened a Dialysis Access Center (DAC) to provide comprehensive care for dialysis patients in one convenient location.

The estimated $2.1 million construction/renovation project features three new procedure rooms, recovery area, and renovated clinical space, administrative offices and a patient waiting area.

One of the biggest problems facing dialysis patients is maintaining their vascular access site, so they can continue receiving this lifesaving blood cleansing treatment. Sometimes, even when patients are careful, their access site can become clogged, infected or develop other complications, requiring immediate medical attention.

The DAC is focused on helping patients manage their care and keep their access sites in good condition for uninterrupted dialysis treatments. The center is staffed by a team of surgical interventionalists, physician assistants, registered nurses, and special procedure and ultrasound technicians. Together, this team of renal specialists employs the latest evaluation tools, treatments and surgical interventions to help patients maintain their vascular access.

“Our Center is a ‘one-stop’ destination where dialysis patients can conveniently receive all the care they need for maintaining optimal vascular access in one visit,” said Dr. George Blessios, a general and transplant surgeon who is medical director of the DAC at Mercy Hospital. “With one-day scheduling for diagnostic testing and the procedure itself, we can help the patient return to their home dialysis unit more quickly with a functioning access site and a plan for follow-up care.”

John Herman, chief operating officer at Mercy Hospital, describes the DAC as a “new proactive and preventive model of care versus the reactive model of the past.” 

“Our Catholic Health Vision statement challenges us to ‘lead the transformation of healthcare in our communities’, and the DAC is an example of the future of healthcare where patients’ health is managed proactively with a focus on preventive care.”

The DAC is located on the 4th floor of the hospital (Main building).

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call the Dialysis Access Center at (716) 819-9750.