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August 13, 2013

NerdWallet Health, a consumer finance website, recently ranked Kenmore Mercy Hospital among the best quality hospitals that offer high value for hip and knee replacements.

Hip and knee replacements and reattachments are among the most common procedures in America. They are high-priced and generally elective, but they’re becoming more popular.

The study, featured in CNBC and Yahoo! Finance, looked at 2,750 hospitals across the U.S. and began by identifying hospitals that perform more than 200 hip and knee replacements each year, as medical studies show that patients at such institutions are less likely to experience complications, infections, and death. This was called “The 200 Quality Benchmark.”

The study then found the relationship between the highest quality hospitals, what they charge, and how Medicare reimburses them and ranked Kenmore Mercy Hospital among the top 10 for having the highest quality yet lowest charges.

Kenmore Mercy performs an average of 204 hip and knee replacement and reattachments a year, with hospital charges of $20,987 and Medicare payments of $12,311. The nationwide average price is $50,105, and only one in four American hospitals meet The 200 Quality Benchmark.

“At a time when the country is focused on affordable care and price transparency in health, we are delighted to highlight Kenmore Mercy Hospital’s high quality hip and knee replacement surgery service,” said NerdWallet Vice President of Health Christina LaMontagne.

Click here to read the NerdWallet Health report.