Dedication and Open House for Kenmore Mercy Hospital ER

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June 24, 2013

Kenmore Mercy Hospital ConstructionWith construction nearly complete, the Kenmore Mercy Hospital community is eagerly awaiting the official unveiling of its new Emergency Department.

“The opening of the new Emergency Department is a significant milestone in the 62-year history of the hospital,” said James Millard, Kenmore Mercy president & CEO. 

“After several years of planning and hard work, we are pleased and excited to deliver on our commitment to our patients and the community. The opening of this new, 21st century Emergency Department, allows us to enhance the patient experience, while responding to the growing need for emergency care services in Buffalo’s northtowns.”

The new 24,000 square-foot unit is nearly two times larger than Kenmore Mercy’s original Emergency Department. It will house 23 private patient treatment rooms, a “fast-track” area for minor medical emergencies, a dedicated decontamination room, and two resuscitation rooms. In addition, onsite imaging equipment eliminates the need for patients to be moved for X-rays and CT scans. 

“When we planned this expansion, we considered the physical and emotional comforts of our patients and their families,” said Raquel G. Martin, DO, FACEP, FACP, medical director of Kenmore Mercy Hospital’s Emergency Department. “In an ER everyone’s issues are important. This new unit gives us the space we need to move quickly and efficiently to give our patients the quality emergency care they need.”

The new ER is anticipated to open for patients at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, July 31.

Dedication on Thursday, July 25

A formal dedication and ribbon cutting is set for Thursday, July 25. The ceremony will mark the completion of this 17-month construction project and the next phase of Catholic Health’s Emergency Department Renaissance.

Open House on Saturday, July 27

During a Community Open House on Saturday, July 27, from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., the hospital opens the doors for the public to tour the new Emergency Department. During the open house, visitors will have a chance to meet the staff and see the new technology available throughout the department.

Teddy Bear and Doll Clinic

Children are invited to bring along their favorite stuffed animal or doll for an “ER Check-up” during a special “Teddy Bear and Doll Clinic” that will be held as part of the Open House.

Prizes & Refreshments

Free raffles, giveaways and light refreshments will round out the event.

Features of New ER

Waiting Room

Our new and brightly lit waiting area offers comfortable seating for patients and families.


As patients enter the new Emergency Department they will be assessed in two private triage rooms where patients are evaluated by Emergency Department staff and register. The private triage rooms ensure privacy and comfort for all patients and their family members.


Depending on the degree of the illness or injury, patients are brought to different areas within the Emergency Department. Our Emergency Department is separated into two treatment areas. SuperTrack (our non-acute area of the Emergency Department) and the acute care section, and both utilize the same entrance. SuperTrack provides rapid assessment and treatment of minor medical problems that do not require emergent attention.


Onsite imaging equipment was added to eliminate the need for patients to be moved for x-rays. It is located right across from SuperTrack. A sub-wait area with seating was also added outside the triage rooms to accommodate patients waiting to be taken to an exam room, labs, or imaging. 

Exam Rooms

Those not treated in SuperTrack area may have more serious issues and require a more intense work up in our other treatment rooms. The department features a “racetrack” design with a central nurses’ station encircled by 25 private patient examination rooms, including resuscitation rooms, a bariatric room, and decontamination room. The open center-core design allows for visibility into patient rooms while still maintaining an appropriate amount of privacy. All of the exam rooms have surgical lighting and are multi functional with curtains and sliding glass doors to assure privacy. 

Resuscitation Rooms

Two new resuscitation rooms house state-of-the-art equipment where some of our most critical patients will be given emergency care.

Bariatric Room

One of the realities of American medicine is that more and more patients who are morbidly obese are among those who need care in the emergency department. To aid them, the bariatric room has a bed and hoist system capable of lifting a person weighing up to 1,000 pounds.

Seclusion Treatment Room

Also available is a seclusion treatment room for hostile and dangerous patients. The treatment room is private from the inside of the hospital, allowing no one to enter or exit the room without a key. Everything in the room can be locked too, secure, for improved patient safety.

Decontamination Suite

People who are contaminated and are also ill or injured can be brought directly into the Emergency Department’s Decontamination Suite. The two decon room has a door to the outside and a ventilation system that is separate from the hospital’s system. The patient can be decontaminated in one of the decon rooms and then brought into the Emergency Department for treatment with confidence that any threat of contaminating other patients in the Emergency Department has been eliminated. Also, interesting to note, this is a negative air pressure room to protect against the spread of infection.

Ambulance Bay & EMS Lounge

There are two outside entrances to the emergency department, a public entrance under the emergency drop-off canopy and an ambulance entrance inside the ambulance bay where the EMS enter directly to the charge nurse station, which allows for quicker and more efficient handoff of patient information.  Another feature of the ambulance bay is its heated concrete floor, which reduces ice in the winter.

Nurses’ Station

The new centralized nurses’ station will provide an unobstructed view of our patients, staff, and ambulance arrivals upon entry to the open care area. The open center-core design allows for visibility into patient rooms while still maintaining an appropriate amount of privacy.