Hip Arthroscopy Added to Kenmore Mercy Hospital’s Services

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January 31, 2013

Dr. McGrath and his surgical team use an arthroscope.

Dr. McGrath and his surgical team use an arthroscope.

Kenmore Mercy Hospital is making history as Catholic Health’s first hospital to offer hip arthroscopy – one of the newest and most exciting procedures for treating hip pain. In 2012, Brian McGrath, MD, joined Kenmore Mercy’s Surgery Department, adding arthroscopic hip surgery to the hospital’s growing list of orthopedic services.

Hip arthroscopy is an emerging technique for treating a variety of hip problems. Most people are more familiar with arthroscopic knee surgery, a common minimally invasive procedure for treating certain knee conditions. 

Procedure Performed by Only a Few Surgeons in Buffalo, NY

“Hip arthroscopy is a relatively new procedure compared to arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery, which has been around for quite some time,” said Marcus Romanowski, chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Kenmore Mercy.

“Arthroscopic hip surgery is a more technically demanding procedure that only a few surgeons in our community perform frequently.”

Can Eliminate the Need for Hip Replacement Surgery

Previously, there were few treatment options to relieve degenerative joint pain in the hip, with patients often requiring a hip replacement. Today, hip arthroscopy relieves pain, restores function, and often eliminates the need for hip replacement surgery.

“In hip arthroscopy, we make small incisions near the hip to insert a slender camera, called an arthroscope, and special surgical instruments,” said Dr. McGrath. “With the help of the camera, we can view and repair damaged or torn tissue and other problems with the hip socket.”

Patients Return Home the Same Day

Hip arthroscopy is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Because the surgery is much less invasive than traditional hip surgery, patients can return home the same day, begin rehabilitation sooner, and return to normal activities more quickly.

“By bringing this emerging technique to Kenmore Mercy, the hospital further strengthens its position as a leader in orthopedic care,” said James Millard, hospital president & CEO. “We look forward to working with other physicians to build our orthopedic service line.”