Kenmore Mercy Hosts M.A.S.H. Camp for Local Students

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January 31, 2012

It may not be Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice or House, but it could be the first step towards a career in healthcare for area high school students.

Kenmore Mercy Hospital, in conjunction with Catholic Health, hosted a “M.A.S.H. Camp” for 20 students from Buffalo’s Health Sciences Charter School on Tuesday, January 31 at the hospital, located at 2950 Elmwood Avenue in Kenmore.

The “M.A.S.H. Camp,” which stands for Medical Academy of Science and Health, gives students the opportunity to meet with working health professionals, participate in hands-on demonstrations, and tour various departments within the hospital, to see if a future career in healthcare might be right for them.

Throughout the day, students toured various departments in the hospital, including the operating room, laboratory and physical therapy departments, to see staff in action and participate in interactive activities to learn more about various healthcare careers.

Students had the opportunity to see math and science at work outside of the classroom. They also learned how germs are spread with real-life examples of a gym locker room, connecting the students with their own personal world. The importance of effective hand-washing and the wearing of surgical gloves when coming into contact with body fluids was stressed.

A tour of the operating room allowed the students to wear surgical cover-ups.

The laboratory department wasn't the CSI of television, but true-to-life. Here, students learned how decisions are made using scientific knowledge, telescopes and laboratory machinery.

Physical, occupational, and speech rehabilitation was explained, and demonstrations of equipment enabled students to better understand the differences between each area.

Linda Butski, RN, Senior Clinical Advisor shows students the inside of an operating room.

“We are eager to help young people become familiar with the broad range of job opportunities that healthcare offers because there is a tremendous need for more people to choose these challenging and rewarding career fields,” said Nancy Preskop Catholic Health recruiter and M.A.S.H. Camp coordinator.

With a continuing nationwide shortage of doctors, nurses and other health professionals, hospitals and government agencies are teaming up to develop creative ways to promote careers in healthcare. This collaboration is a locally-directed, federal and state funded program that gives high school students a behind-the-scenes look at various careers in their local hospital.

For making this event possible, we would like to thank:

  • Mike Moley, Sr. VP Corporate Human Resources,
  • Jim Millard, President / CEO Kenmore Mercy,
  • Pam Nicastro, Director of Human Resources,
  • Bill Vaughan, Executive Resident / Mission,
  • Linda Butski, Senior Clinical Advisor,
  • Jen Carlson, Infection Control Coordinator,
  • Mike Wendel, Supervisor Lab Department,
  • Deborah Bedard, Senior Staff Therapist,
  • Daynell Rowell-Stevens, RN Mentor Coordinator,
  • Dawn Cwierley, Manager, Public Relations,
  • Robin Messenger, Recruiter,
  • Steve Carauna, Recruiter and
  • Nancy Preskop, Recruitment Program Coordinator.