Catholic Health Hospitals Offer Patients Free Television and Telephone Services

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January 16, 2012

Whether it’s The X-Factor, NCIS, the big game or even reruns of Seinfeld, a hospital stay shouldn’t mean you have to miss your favorite TV shows.

Staying connected with the outside world can bring a great deal of comfort to patients and their families, and that’s why Catholic Health is now providing free television and local telephone service at all three of its hospitals, including Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, and Sisters of Charity Hospital including its St. Joseph Campus.

Catholic Health is the first major hospital system in WNY to offer both services free of charge.

“We’re not only healthcare providers, we’re also part of the community and keenly aware that every dollar counts in these challenging economic times,” said Joe McDonald, president and CEO for Catholic Health. “We’ve committed to delivering the highest quality care and making our patients’ experience the best it can be is a big part of the healing process.”

The $4.25 per-day television fee and $3.25 per-day fee for local phone service were discontinued as of January 1, 2012. The fees, which were not covered by private or government insurance, had been used to offset some of the costs associated with providing these services. The free TV and telephone service is the latest hospitality enhancements offered at Catholic Health hospitals.

Over the last several years, the hospitals began offering made-to-order, room service-type food menus to provide patients with a greater variety of food choices at times that are convenient for them. Catholic Health introduced free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) for patients and visitors in 2007.

Now, all Catholic Health patients can enjoy a variety of local and cable television programming including closed-circuit coverage of Mass and hospital information and stay connected with friends and family at no additional cost.