Man Who Lived at Father Baker Orphanage Returns to His Roots at Father Baker Manor

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September 24, 2012

Vito Delsordo93-year-old Vito Delsordo met Father Nelson Baker when he was nine years old and is now benefiting from his service again at Father Baker Manor.

Vito, who came from a family of six boys and four girls, spent six months living at the orphanage in Lackawanna during a difficult time in his home.

Life at the Orphanage

He found Father Baker to be a wonderful man who would spend time watching the children play baseball in the courtyard during playtime. Father Baker would visit and talk with all of the children.

They attended daily Mass, and while in the classroom, Vito learned arithmetic with flash cards by Father Baker.

“No one could beat me, I was so fast,” said Vito.

One of his fondest memories was a trip to Crystal Beach. Vito remembers the children walking three or four across as they went across the boardwalk with Father Baker. At one point, six of the boys began singing on the dock, and people threw money to them.

Career at Bethlehem Steel

Vito went on to become a crane operator at Bethlehem Steel for 20 years. Normally, it took 15 weeks to train someone on the crane, but Vito became proficient in just six weeks.

During his career, the bosses would yell, “Get Del down here,” whenever there was a special project for which they wanted to break the tonnage (make more steel than ever before). Vito set and broke seven records in the mill.

Making a Home at Father Baker Manor

Vito was surprised by the memories that have come back since his rehabilitation at Partners In Rehab at Father Baker Manor and is now living there.

Stop and visit – he loves to talk about his son Vito Anthony!