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January 10, 2011

Have you resolved to make a difference in your community and help others this year? Kenmore Mercy is looking for you then! The hospital has a particular need in the following areas:

  • Transport - Volunteers help run errands throughout the hospital, including delivering samples to departments, picking up medical supplies, getting medical records, picking up pharmacy orders, delivering late lunch trays, and more. This opportunity is weekdays during business hours.
  • Patient Care Unit - Volunteers are needed to assist the nursing staff and aides with patients. They help pass food trays, add comfort care to patients, fill water pitchers and can learn to help feed patients.
  • Forks & Spoons Program - Volunteers assist the nursing staff by feeding patients who are unable to feed themselves.
  • Volunteer Pat Farrell serves at Kenmore Mercy Hospital's Information Desk
    Volunteer Pat Farrell serves at Kenmore Mercy Hospital's Information Desk
    Guardian Angel Program - Volunteers help patients and families facing the end of life’s journey. They contribute to the patient’s care by visiting, reading, sitting, or listening. They can be a comforting presence or provide much needed relief time to family members and friends keeping watch over their loved ones. In some cases, they will sit vigil with a dying patient, who would otherwise die alone.
  • Front Desk Patient Information - These “front line” volunteers are ambassadors of customer service. They answer telephones, give passes to visitors who are coming to see patients and deliver flowers to patient rooms. These volunteers serve seven days per week and there are openings on the weekend and evenings.
  • Gift Shop - Volunteers are needed for weekends and evenings. These Auxiliary volunteers are part of the fundraising arm of volunteer services. They run the shop by helping with displays, act as cashier and help visitors and associates choose that special gift for a loved one.

All volunteers receive special training, followed by ongoing guidance and support. Individuals interested in volunteering for Kenmore Mercy, should contact Lynn Overbeck, CAVS, director of Volunteer Services at (716) 447-6188 or fill out our online contact form.

Volunteering almost always ranks in the top ten of resolutions nationwide. Everyone wants to make a positive impact in their community and volunteering is an excellent way to get involved and directly impact the quality of life within your community. People who volunteer are happier, healthier, and live longer.