Prescription Drug Drop-Off

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When outdated or unused prescription drugs are not disposed of properly, they can end up contaminating our water sources.

Scientists with the U.S. Geological Society conducted a study of over 130 of our nation’s rivers, streams, and other waterways, and found traces of pharmaceuticals in over 80 percent of them.

Uused prescription drugs can also cause street-level profiteering, abuse, and unintentional overdoses.

“We want to prevent unused portions of prescription medications from ending up in garbage dumps, polluting the water, or ending up in the hands of our children,” said Frank Heinrich, a Catholic Health pharmacist. “We also want to teach people how to properly dispose of their unused medications.”

Drop Off Unwanted Prescriptions on Oct. 29

We are accepting controlled substances, expired, unusable, unwanted household prescription or over-the-counter medicines. Please bring medications in the original labeled container (blacken-out personal information).

Saturday, October 29 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Additional Locations

Prescription drop-off sites are located throughout Erie, Niagara and Chautauqua counties. Click here for a complete list of drop-off sites.