Nurses’ Quilts Comfort Patients

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June 8, 2011

QuiltEach and every day a nurse touches the lives of patients and their families. However, nurses Pat Vitthuhn and Laura Nowak, are leaving a little bit of themselves through hand-sewn quilts.

Nowak makes quilts with the group “Blankets for Comfort” from the Sheridan Park Ladies Auxiliary and Vitthuhn makes old fashioned quilts with “St. Mary’s Piecemakers” at St. Mary’s Church in Swormville. Both Nowak and Vitthuhn work in ambulatory surgery at Kenmore Mercy Hospital. Their projects are labor intensive and utilize a team of quilters, sometimes taking upwards to 15 hours to cut and sew fabric.

“The colors and patterns they use in their quilts would bring a smile to anyone,” said Kathy Vitthuhn, director of nursing and facilitator for the project.

The quilts are given to Kenmore Mercy’s hospice, transplant donor, and terminally ill Intensive Care Unit patients.

While some patients may only use their quilt for a short time, families appreciate having something that comforted their loved one to take home with them.

The quilters aren’t looking for accolades for their handiwork, but for others to follow by example and help those in need. “Let’s help out those who are suffering, comfort them, and show compassion,” said Nowak.

Both St. Mary’s Piecemakers and Blankets for Comfort accept donations of fabric to keep the project going. To donate, contact: Kathy Vitthuhn at (716) 447-6849. Even the smallest scrape of fabric can become a part of a loving gift for someone who needs comfort and support.

Nurses Pat Vitthuhn and Laura Nowak sew quilts to help patients who are suffering.

Nurses Pat Vitthuhn and Laura Nowak sew quilts to help patients who are suffering.