Kenmore Mercy Joins the Meatless Monday Movement

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July 27, 2011

Kenmore Mercy Hospital is joining the “Meatless Monday” movement, by leaving meat off the cafeteria menu one day a week. The hospital’s cafeteria, Dining Inn Café, is now offering vegetarian entrees on Mondays under a plan announced earlier this month.

Kenmore Mercy Hospital chef Vinnie Richter prepares a dish

Kenmore Mercy Hospital Chef Vinnie Richter Prepares a Dish

The first Meatless Monday happened during World War I, when Americans were encouraged to give up some of their staple foods to aid the war effort. During World War II, it became a way to help supply food for war-torn Europe.

Decades later, the purpose has changed but the method is much the same – get creative, get meatless one day a week. Today, the movement is spreading across the globe. Kenmore Mercy Hospital is doing its part by helping cafeteria customers be more aware of the impact their food choices have on the environment.

Meatless Monday aims to educate and inspire people to eat fewer animal products – one of the most effective steps anyone can take to address climate change and fight global warming.

The increased production of meat uses large amounts of land and water, produces significant greenhouse gases, and is a major factor in water pollution worldwide. In addition, reducing meat intake can also lessen a person’s risk for developing chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

“Veggie-centric meals are healthier, less expensive, better for the animals and better for your own health,” said Kathy McAlpine, food services manager at Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

The meatless phenomenon is growing across the globe.

Moe’s Southwest Grill, with over 400 locations across the U.S., has embraced the Meatless Monday movement. Sir Paul McCartney, along with daughters Stella and Mary, unveiled a new Meat Free Monday campaign to promote the initiative. The Huffington Post, the world’s most powerful blog, offers multiple Meatless Monday columns, including bi-monthly features in HuffPo Food and weekly posts by nationally syndicated columnist Ellen Kanner.

Meatless Monday is Kenmore Mercy’s latest sustainable food effort. In 2010, the hospital became the first in the area to serve herbs and vegetables from its rooftop garden. Read more about the Meatless Monday campaign at