Mercy Opens New State-of-the-Art MRI & CT Suite

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June 10, 2011

Catholic Health and Mercy Hospital officials, staff and physicians gathered today for a blessing and dedication of its new, state-of-the-art MRI and CT Imaging Suite.

The centerpiece of the estimated $5 million capital project, which began in November 2010, involved enclosing an open courtyard within the hospital to create the imaging suite.

The Siemens Magnetom Aera® 1.5T MRI system, and the Siemens Somatom Definition Flash® CT scanner represent the most advanced technology available anywhere in the world and Catholic Health’s Mercy Hospital is the first healthcare facility to use this leading edge diagnostic imaging equipment in Western New York.

“This new imaging suite featuring the Aera MRI and Flash CT scanner is an exciting step into the future,” said Michael Reilly, vice president of Primary Care and Imaging Services at Catholic Health. “Not only are we bringing the latest advancements in diagnostic imaging to our community but we are enhancing the patient experience with easier access and convenience for our patients.”

The new MRI system features a large, 70-centimeter, open-bore (the center round core of the MRI) that will accommodate a large variety of body sizes, shapes and conditions. In addition, the MRI’s short magnet allows many studies to be completed with the patient’s head outside the bore, reducing sedation rates and minimizing stress for patients. In addition, the Tim® (total imaging matrix) and Dot™ (day optimizing throughput) workflow engine inside the system ensures that hospital staff can gain detailed images and high efficient scans for diagnosis.

Mercy Hospital is also the first in the Buffalo area to use the Flash CT, one of the world’s fastest CTs with the lowest dosage of radiation exposure. Within five seconds, physicians can study crystal-clear, 4-D “movies” of the brain, heart, lungs and blood flow from every angle—allowing faster, more reliable assessments that can save lives.