McAuley Residents Celebrate 105th and 101st Birthdays

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October 20, 2011

When Gertrude Baker and Eleanor Mason were born in the early 1900s, the life expectancy for women was about 50 years old. On October 20, the two centenarians exceeded that by double! Baker celebrated her 105th birthday and Mason her 101st.

Family members, fellow residents and staff gather at Catholic Health’s McAuley Residence for cake and a traditional round of "Happy Birthday to You."

“Birthdays are always a special time for our residents and staff,” said Theresa Cavanagh, Director of Activities at McAuley Residence. “But, when one of our residents turn 100 or more, it’s always cause for extra celebration.”

McAuley, the skilled nursing facility located at 1503 Military Road in Kenmore behind Kenmore Mercy Hospital, currently has five centenarians in residence, with Baker at age 105 the eldest of them.

Born in Poland and the youngest of three children, Baker came to the United States with her family when she was 16-years-old. A former teacher, Baker loves to read and keep up on current events. She also participates in all the planned activities at McAuley Residence including wheelchair bowling.

Baker says she owes her longevity to keeping busy. She feels that she had a very good life, has been healthy except for an occasional cold.