Sisters Hospital First and Only to Perform FDA-Approved Hip Resurfacing Surgery

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December 10, 2010

Arthritis hip pain can be debilitating for active individuals. Work and recreational activities can put added stress on a painful hip forcing many people to retreat from life. A new procedure called “hip resurfacing” may be the answer to get people back to the activities they enjoy most.

Joseph Falcone, MD, chairman of Orthopedics at Sisters of Charity Hospital, a member of Catholic Health, is the first and only physician in the Buffalo area currently performing the FDA-approved hip resurfacing procedure.

Unlike a total hip replacement, hip resurfacing is less invasive than traditional surgery and helps conserve healthy bone tissue. “The hip is one of the main weight-bearing joints in the body,” explains Dr. Falcone. “This procedure can help patients maintain their active lifestyles for many years to come.”

For many patients, hip resurfacing has become a popular alternative to total hip replacement. “With an aging ‘baby boomer’ population, we are seeing a growing number of patients with osteoarthritis,” Dr. Falcone adds. “A common theme among these patients is the desire to preserve their current lifestyles, which are often very active.”

The hip resurfacing procedure, which restores function while relieving pain, provides a more natural feel with improved walking than traditional hip replacement surgery. This makes hip resurfacing an attractive option for younger and more active osteoarthritis patients.

The majority of individuals who have hip resurfacing surgery experience a dramatic reduction in joint pain and a significant improvement in their ability to participate in daily activities.