Sisters Hospital First in Catholic Health to Implant Mobile Bearing Hip™ System

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September 1, 2010

Unique design offers patients better stability, mobility, and implant longevity

Orthopedic surgeon Joseph P. Falcone, MD, chairman of Orthopedics at Sisters of Charity Hospital, is the first Catholic Health physician to offer hip replacement patients the new Mobile Bearing Hip™ technology. This new hip replacement system’s design offers patients increased stability and range of motion by mimicking the patient’s natural anatomy.

“The new Mobile Bearing Hip is a great option for many patients,” said Dr. Falcone. “Its design features and advanced technology help decrease implant wear, the risk of dislocation, and groin pain, which is a big benefit for patients.”

Unlike traditional “metal on metal” hip implants, the Mobile Bearing Hip™ is the only hip system on the market that uses advanced bearing technology. In lab testing, this resulted in a 97% decrease in wear compared to conventional hip implants. “This decrease in wear may extend the life of the hip implant, which is especially important for younger, more active patients,” explained Dr. Falcone.

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The unique Mobile Bearing Hip™ looks and works differently than a traditional total hip implant, with two points of movement as opposed to one in a traditional design. The bearing mimics the top of the thighbone and moves freely within its shell, providing patients with greater range of motion, while maintaining an increased resistance to dislocation.

The special design is also less likely to impinge on the tendon that runs from the groin toward the front of the pelvic bone, reducing pain and increasing mobility.