Mercy Hospital Excels in National Quality Indicators

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September 24, 2010

Ranked First Among Local Hospitals in 3 out 4 Categories

According to the latest quality report released by CMS (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services) for the period of 2008-2009, Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, part of Catholic Health, ranked first among local hospitals for Core Measures Performance (percentage of eligible patients who received the recommended care) in three out of four major diagnostic categories. The categories, which CMS tracks nationally, include:

  • Heart Attack Care
  • Pneumonia Care, and
  • Surgical Care.

In the fourth category, Heart Failure Care, Mercy Hospital ranked second overall locally.

Mercy Hospital relies on Core Measures to ensure patients in the diagnostic categories receive all appropriate and necessary care. Core Measures, which include 31 quality indicators, track a variety of evidence-based, scientifically-researched standards of care that have been shown to help hospitals improve clinical outcomes and the quality of patient care.

Core Measures were developed by CMS to improve the quality of healthcare by implementing a national, standardized performance measurement system. Since 2005, CMS has been collecting and publishing this data annually from hospitals throughout the United States to provide information to consumers and encourage hospitals and physicians to improve care.

“We are extremely gratified by the results in our Core Measures performance,” said C. J. Urlaub, President and CEO of Mercy Hospital of Buffalo. “These measures focus on how well we document the specific procedures and treatments within these diagnostic categories, but more importantly reflect the hard work and quality care provided by our nurses, physicians and clinical staff.” 

Members of the patient care services team on the hospital's 7th floor McAuley East Unit, from left, Debbie Schwendner, RN, Maureen Allan, RN- nurse manager, Diane Lavelle, RN, Mary Nolan, NP, Colette Lopez, RN, were proud to hear about Mercy Hospital's excellent Core Measures quality performance.