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October 4, 2010

Shhhh! It’s time to help people get a good night’s sleep at Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

The Catholic Health hospital’s new SleepCare Center is now open, offering medically monitored sleep studies to help diagnose and treat a variety of sleep disorders. Catholic Health also offers sleep testing services at Sisters of Charity Hospital, St. Joseph Campus and Mercy Hospital of Buffalo.

Kenmore Mercy hosted a grand opening for the new SleepCare Center on Monday, October 4 at 1 p.m. on the hospital’s fourth floor.

“We know that by helping people get a good night’s sleep, we can improve their health,” said Alexander Gelfer, M.D, board-certified sleep specialist and medical director of the hospital’s sleep center. “If someone is having trouble sleeping, and it doesn’t get better over time, it’s time to get help.”

Jim Millard, CEO, the Pfalzer family, and Dr. Alexander Gelfer cut the ribbon of the new SleepCare Center Rev. Nancy Lindberg blesses the new SleepCare Center   
Jim Millard, CEO, the Pfalzer family, and Dr. Alexander Gelfer cut the ribbon of the new SleepCare Center. Rev. Nancy Lindberg blesses the new SleepCare Center.

Up to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders, with an additional 20 to 30 million affected by intermittent sleep-related problems. According to the National Commission on Sleep Disorders, an overwhelming majority of sleep disorders remain undiagnosed and untreated. Common problems include sleep apnea, snoring, narcolepsy, periodic limb movement disorder, sleepwalking, excessive daytime sleepiness and insomnia. Many of these conditions are preventable and treatable.

Sleep apnea is the most common problem found during sleep studies. It occurs when a person stops breathing during sleep, and can last from 10 to 60 seconds or longer. Sleep apnea affects five percent of adults in America, and can lead to hypertension, heart disease, and mood or memory problems.

During a sleep study, patients spend the night in the SleepCare Center at Kenmore Mercy where specially trained respiratory therapists/sleep technologists offers polysomnographic sleep testing using the latest equipment and technology.

Nestled on the fourth floor of Kenmore Mercy, SleepCare offers the comfort and convenience of an outpatient setting with high quality expectations of a hospital environment. The center consists of four hotel-like rooms, complete with a queen-size bed, television and private bathroom, and a separate monitoring room equipped with the latest sleep study technology.

During sleep testing, highly trained licensed respiratory professionals monitor a number of body functions including the patient’s brain waves, eye movements, heart rate, breathing patterns, muscle activity, and oxygen levels. The results of the test help physicians track sleep patterns and identify abnormal conditions.

Treatment options can range from mild assistive devices to prevent snoring, open nasal passages, or provide extra oxygen during sleep, to surgical procedures to open obstructed airways. Kenmore Mercy’s SleepCare Center is now accepting appointments.

To find out more about sleep disorders and how they can be diagnosed, call the SleepCare Center at Kenmore Mercy at (716) 447-6046.