Sisters Hospital First in Western New York to Perform "Custom Fit" Knee Replacement Surgery

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July 6, 2009

Dr. Joseph P. Falcone, a Catholic Health Orthopedic Surgeon and Chairman of Orthopedics at Sisters of Charity Hospital, is the first physician in Western New York to perform the "custom fit" knee replacement procedure. The technology, which uses custom cutting guides and computer software, helps conserve healthy bone and ligaments, which improves implant fit and alignment. Patients who have gone through this procedure recover more quickly and with less pain. They also experience better range of motion, a more natural feeling knee and greater ease while performing normal activities.

Custom fit total knee replacement is done in steps before and during surgery to ensure the best fit for the patient. First, an MRI is performed to take precise measurements of the knee and to detect any arthritis. Specialized computer software then creates a 3-D image of the knee, virtually correcting any deformities and returning the knee to its prearthritic state. Next, a computerized image of the implant is matched to the virtual knee model.

After determining the correct implant size and placement, based on computer model, special surgical cutting guides are created. These individualized guides, accurate to within a few millimeters, indicate exactly where to make bone cuts. The same implants are used as in conventional surgery, but are custom-fit to each patient.

Lorna was pleased with the results. "I can't believe how fast the recovery time was! I was in and out of rehab with better range of motion than a woman who had conventional knee replacement surgery,” she said,”I recommend this procedure to anyone who needs total knee replacement surgery."

“These are made specifically for our patients. It's a safe, state-of-the-art procedure with a proven outcome that is better for our patients. The recovery time is much faster than traditional replacement surgery," says Dr. Falcone, having performed over 45 operations using this new technology.

Only 400 doctors nationwide are performing this specialized surgery and 18,000 total “Custom Fit” knee replacements have been done across the country.