Kenmore Mercy Hospital Opens Newly Expanded ICU

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July 25, 2008

Responding to the growing need for Intensive Care Services, Kenmore Mercy unveiled its newly expanded Intensive Care Unit (ICU) during a Blessing Ceremony and Open House on July 30. Located on the third floor of the hospital’s East Building, the newly remodeled ICU features six additional private rooms, increasing the unit’s capacity from 10 to 16 beds.

“With the expansion of our Neurosurgery program and our designation as a New York State Stroke Center, we are seeing an increasing number of patients in need of Intensive Care Services,” said Mary Hoffman, President and CEO of Kenmore Mercy Hospital. “This expanded unit will help us better meet the needs of our community and enhance care to our most critically ill patients.”
The new unit features the latest medical technology and a specially trained medical team, including a physician intensivist and critical care nurses, managing all aspects of care. “This unit was originally designed for optimal patient comfort and safety and we’ve continued that throughout the new expansion,” said James Fitzpatrick, M.D., Vice President of Medical Affairs at Kenmore Mercy and ICU Physician Intensivist. “The rooms are intentionally oversized to provide space for today’s critical care staffing and equipment needs.”

The hospital funded the $150,000 renovation project, with the Kenmore Mercy Foundation funding the purchase of two new critical care beds. In addition to the new rooms, the expanded unit features a newly redesigned Nurses’ Station with all patient rooms in clear view. Kenmore Mercy’s ICU is equipped to treat a variety of medical conditions from the most critical stoke and heart conditions to complex surgical cases.
Kenmore Mercy credits the growth in its medical and surgical specialties for the need to expand its ICU. “We’ve truly grown beyond the role of a traditional community hospital,” Hoffman explained. “This newly expanded unit will enable us to provide the highest quality care to more patients needing these specialized services. I’d like to thank the Kenmore Mercy Foundation for their important contribution to this project, as well as our patients for their confidence in the critical care services we provide.”